How to Make the Best Museum Wall Labels?
How to Make the Best Museum Wall Labels?


Exhibit captions are everywhere in museums, which means they affect people's impressions and need to be perfect. That's why custom dry transfers for museum wall labels are gaining in popularity. They are rub-on decals made from digital files you supply. Leading providers like Image Transfers in New York count many museums among their clients. Dry transfer wall labels are renowned for their clarity and quality even when label sizes are small. They are simple to apply and look perfect from the first minute they are rubbed on. Museum professionals from all over give them five-star reviews.

Other methods like vinyl lettering or laser printed labels, can't come close to the quality and precise appearance of custom dry transfers. If you ask most people to look at one, they'd think the words were painted on the wall directly. But in fact, the process involves adhesive-backed lacquer ink placed on a transfer sheet that allows them to be rubbed on to any dry, smooth surface easily. Therefore, they work on glass or plastic exhibit cases as quickly as they do on walls. You also can successfully place rub-on decals on wood and metal. They are amazingly adaptable, and you never lose clarity and quality.

Few places have visual standards as exacting as museums and art galleries, and they are another reason transfer decals are in increased use. Deadlines also come into play, and if you're putting up an exhibit in a tight time frame, you need as few variables as possible. Because rub-on decals apply so quickly and easily, they take one more stress point out of the process. A burnishing tool that many providers supply with each order makes application even easier. It can be used to ensure a smooth, firm application with a look that is clean, crisp, and well-aligned. Even people focused on details will praise the look.

One of the other stress relievers is that because the decals are produced directly from your files, there will be no surprises when they arrive for you. When you deal with Image Transfers, they can have museum wall labels back to you in as little as 24 to 48 hours, depending on your location and the volume of labels in your order. It means you can work on your content right now to the wire and still have labels back in a comfortable amount of time to open your show. It really could not be simpler –, and the best part is that you'll have the best quality wall labels for your visitors to see.


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