Here Is All That You Should Know About Custom Die Cut Boxes:

Here Is All That You Should Know About Custom Die Cut Boxes:

Packaging boxes have relived us a lot by the services these are made for. They provide comfort to the people for the packaging of their products. Moreover, die-cut boxes are more prominent among other boxes. Die-cut is a process in which a plain flat sheet of different materials is given a specific shape and size to the box by using machines or die plates to make the product more visible. In this process, the steel plates, which are die plates, are given specific shapes or patterns which make these boxes different from others. With these specifications, the use of custom die-cut boxes for retailing and other products is high in demand. Apart from that safety purposes, these boxes give a fascinating display features to the box as well.

Type of die-cut boxes:

People demand variety. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers offer a variety of styles for these boxes that are ruling in the market. Moreover, these boxes are eye-catching and alluring for the customers. The following are the types of die-cut boxes.

  • Mailer boxes

  • Suitcase boxes

  • Ballot boxes

Mailer boxes:

Die-cut mailer boxes are the most in-demand style in the packaging boxes. In this type of box. One piece of the box is in connection with the lid of the box. It makes it easy to open and close the box. This type of box is mostly in use for retail packaging. Apart from that, these boxes are excessively in use for bakery products like cake, pastries, etc.

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Suitcase boxes:

A suitcase die cut box is a self-closing box that contains a lid with a handle, which makes it easy to carry it. These boxes are mostly in use for the transportation of products. Mainly for the products which are delicate or liquid. The products like toys of children and promotional products are also on the list.

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Shipping boxes:

It is another type of die-cut box. It helps in business fields. This type of box needs to be sturdy and reliable as it is in use for the shipment of the product. It helps in securing your product throughout the journey towards the destination. Moreover, you can also store products in a storehouse by using shipping boxes for later use.

Ballot boxes:

A ballot die-cut box comes in mostly square shape. This box has a drop slot on the top. Moreover, you will see these boxes, mostly in shopping malls. Are you aware of the purpose for which these boxes are in use? They are in use for the people to submit their queries, suggestions, complaints, and donations. Additionally, a ballot box is highly in use in elections. People submit their votes without revealing them.

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Use of appropriate material:

There is a huge variety of material for the manufacturing of custom die-cut boxes. It is up to the customer which material he will use for this purpose. There are different products for which you can use this packaging. Clothes, food, cosmetics, shoes and electronics and so on. All these boxes require different materials according to the product’s needs. Given below are the materials you can use for the manufacturing of packaging.

  • Cardboard

  • Kraft

  • Rigid

  • Corrugated


   Cardboard comes from wood fiber. This material is strong, stalwart, and tension proof. Moreover, the cardboard comes with different types, which are paper cardboard, corrugated cardboard, double-wall cardboard, and triple-wall cardboard. Paper cardboard is the simplest form of material. You can mold this paper in the form of a box. Besides, corrugated cardboard comes in different flutes, which helps in providing complete protection to the product. The double and triple cardboard has double and triple-layered flutes. In this way, cardboard boxes for bath bombs are in great demand these days.



Moreover, cardstock is the thickest form of paper and helps in making a durable box for protecting your product. Cardboard has a smooth layer; thus, it can adapt any foiling, coating, and color easily. Besides, the thickness of this material is adjustable, and you can increase or decrease the thickness according to your product.



Apart from its eco-friendly nature, Kraft is the cheapest material. It has better printing and graphics capabilities and can adopt the latest offset and digital printing techniques to provide fine finishing to the images and texts printed on it. Moreover, Kraft material is in use for many products like perfumes, food items and garments because of its affordability as you can easily get the raw material for Kraft.

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The rigid material is the hardest as compared to the other types of materials. It will not change its shape at any cost after molded in any specific shape. In this material stress by the strain, the formula is of no use because rigid material will not change its shape with any pressure or stress. It will break apart but will nor deform with stress by the strain.

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