The Top 5 Plastic Surgeries That Changed the World

"I feel mistreated", sighed Kim, one of my Korean friends currently living in Indonesia. "I went back for a holiday, and all met my friends. We met up at a restaurant, and the owner was really nice to them, saying they are really pretty, but said nothing to me."

Indeed, no matter where we live, society tends to focus on one's appearance. Kim was considering getting a cosmetic surgery few years back, to alternate her appearance and boost her confidence. For some people, plastic surgery is a mean to achieve a better-looking and well-proportioned face, but that's not always the case.

Throughout history, stories about people who experienced massive changes in their lives after going under the knife have wild spread. Not all of them are done merely to look better, but also for health reasons. If you're looking for a dominican plastic surgeon, and are unsure if a dominican plastic surgeon can help, you need to read this. Here are some of the mind-blowing stories of how this medical advancement has changed the world, especially theirs:

1.How Park Jin-Bae gains back his confidence

Bullied when younger, Park Jin-Bae, a 21-year-old man from South Korea decided to undergo a life-changing surgery. Weighing over 130 kilograms originally, his rapid weight loss caused his breast to sag, giving him an appearance of an old lady. Park turned into a hermit, refusing to leave the house or meeting anyone but his parents. Furthermore, he became easily irritated and depressed. This all changed, though, after a series of plastic surgery worth 51.200.000 KRW. With over eight procedures, his appearances changed dramatically for the better. This story touches many people's hearts, and especially men who were hesitating on undergoing plastic surgeries because it's very uncommon.

2.Lisa and "Face Off."

Lisa, a woman from Indonesia, shocked the whole nation back then in 2006 when her case of domestic violence blew up to the press. She was the victim of a horrific assault, with her then-husband pour hydrochloric acid on her face, damaging her appearance. After 17 procedures done within seven years, with her facial skin replaced by thighs and back skin, she is now living her life normally as a business woman. Being the first case of 'face-off', a full facial reconstruction, in Indonesia, Lisa's life story has shed light on the importance to protect men and women from domestic violence.

3.The story of Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter, a Hollywood actress, was known for her busty figure. However, in 2015, she made a major decision by undergoing breast reduction surgery. She expressed her struggle since adolescent days; accused of dressing inappropriately, cyber-bullied, and even having back problems. Based on these reasons, she decided to go under the knife and has shared that she "feels right, like how this is I'm supposed to be". An icon of uncommon procedure, she certainly has given hopes to women who are struggling with body image out there.

4.HarrodGillies-World War One Plastic Surgeon

Harold Gillies is undoubtedly one of plastic surgery pioneers. His career went way back to the era of WW1, where he performed plastic surgery on wounded soldiers; even to those who had a gunshot wound. With no advance medical technology, his procedures were surprisingly successful. Later, his setbacks left a powerful lesson for plastic surgeons, that plastic surgery need to carried out in small stages rather than a big operation

5.Frank Vanderbom's Story

Having infant surgery and left with scars, Frank Vanderbom didn't hesitate in sharing his stories on scar removal surgery. Through his blog, he shared his experiences undergoing various procedures to solve his self-image issues. He urged the readers not to hesitate to undergo any procedures as long as it makes them feel better about themselves. This also gives hopes for concerned parents out there whose child had to go through infant surgery that leaves scars.

How can a dominican plastic surgeon Help?

Looking to go to a Dominican plastic surgeon and wondering if he is good enough? Plastic surgery has had wonderful effects and have been able to help people live their lives like before, no matter what happened to them. All the stories tell us that plastic surgery can indeed change a life. In some cases, they do a lot more than that. From boosting one's confidence to giving them hopes and better health, it helps them lead a normal life like before.

Add to it the fact that with medical advancement, risks and costs are now minimized as well, so if you do feel like you need to undergo a particular procedure, don't hesitate!

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