Aviation as a Super Technological Industry
Aviation as a Super Technological Industry

When you talk about aviation, you talk about the art of aircraft which has transformed human’s dreams into reality many years ago. What started as an invention of a model of human wings has been transformed into huge machines. The machines which were named by Gabriel La Landelle many years ago enabled people to do things that were described in Greek legends. They made us fly.

If to speak about aviation industry in general I must say that our days it is one of the most developed ones. Some people refer to it as to a super tech industry and in this essay I will do my best to bring you some arguments to this point.

  Don Berliner in his book Aviation: Reaching for the Sky which I used while writing the arguments described the evolution of the airplane throughout history. What started as an absurd invention has faced tremendous changes. You can hardly recognize our modern aviation technology in the sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci. This is the first feature of the high tech industry. The result of the development of the original invention can be hardly compared to the original one.

The article in New York Times “Market Place: Collins Versus the Middle Man” gives us other descriptions of the aviation industry main attributes. It should continue developing rapidly. Look at the aviation today. Did it stop deviling? I will make myself to be brave enough to say that it remains one of the most progressive ones. Look at all of the modern applications and technological innovations in airplanes. You can hardly image how a person can make so many things possible. Moreover, the transformation continues. With the growth of concern about the environment there appeared a need in environmentally friendly way of flying. This resulted in the development of Air Traffic Control of communication and the quality of fuel.

The super tech industry is the one which makes people addicted quickly. Look at the variety of means of transportations today. You can hardly find a person who would agree to travel from Canada to Europe by a ship. Everybody flies everywhere. Moreover, flying has been recently considered to be in the TOP 3 of the safest means of travelling. It has created comfortable atmosphere for everyone who wants to move from one spot of the Earth to another.

When we talk about aviation, we also need to mention the space flights. Innovation analytics say that our future will hold the hand of the space exploration. It is considered to be the best sphere of investments and this proves the endless potential of what it can make in future. Aviation industry is the magic stick that lets our eyes fly all the way to the moon and back. It broadens our mind with the tool of technology.

All in all, I would like to finish with the words those aviation feats all the requirements of the high technological industry. It opens our eyes towards the fast-moving technological inventions we could only dream about. It absorbs investments and with the help of intellectual power and technological possibilities creates flying machines that are ready not only to explore the Earth, but even the space. What made people fly many years ago is about to broad our horizons adding towards the open space.

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