Packaging Boxes that Encourage Clients to Reuse


Global warming is the primary issue that you are facing. To overcome these issues, and the packaging companies have to introduce eco-friendly boxes. These boxes are biodegradable and follow the "R." You can reuse, reduces, and recycle these boxes. But do you know before throwing in the recycle bin you can do much more than these recycled boxes?  The package boxes are made up of cardboard material, and this material is open to any customization. Because of its several characteristics, you can reuse them in many projects. Companies prefer these package materials because they want to encourage their customers to think about reusing it. By reusing, you are contributing to the cause of “Go Green.” Here are some DIY ideas that will encourage you to reuse these boxes rather than throwing them in the bin.


Do you have any cardboard boxes and at your home?



Why spend extra dollars to buy a stationary holder for your office or the kids. Do you know you can still save money and your planet by reusing these cardboard boxes and cups? These eco-friendly boxes can allow you to make the most innovative piece of art. All you require your imagination. The disposable cups are best for making a pencil holder. You can customize them by using attractive wrapping papers, stone, or anything you like. This DIY pen holder is best to place in offices and on the study table of your kids. There is another tip for you. Sometimes your kids need to keep some papers or chits. Keeping them lose in the drawer means there are higher chances you will never find it again. So take out the rectangular-shaped Kraft Boxes make a slit on its top, and here you go. You can keep loose papers or other stuff in these useful boxes.

Lighten up your life with this idea!


 From now, you will never throw any custom boxes because the DIY that you are going to learn will blow your mind. Have you ever thought about making a lamp with Brown kraft boxes? Yes, you can make a beautiful and gorgeous lamp with these boxes. All you need for them are custom cardboard boxes, pencil, cutter bulb holder, and a wire. Draw an image on the custom boxes and cut the outline. Make a hole on the top of the box for a bulb holder and attach the wire. Here you go. You can place this DIY lamp on a table or hang it on the ceiling. You can create as many lights as you want of any size. So take all the custom boxes of various sizes and start making beautiful lamps.

Let’s Plant some flowers


Do you love gardening? Planting new flowers is your hobby because it’s the love for nature that makes you do this. You want to do something to protect the earth from global warming? Then get all eco-friendly boxes that are lying somewhere in your store. You must be wondering why, because you are going to plant a flower in these boxes. The kraft boxes are suitable for sowing seeds. For this, you need corrugated boxes of any size to fill it with soil, sow a seed, and water it. When it becomes the plant, shift it in your garden. You can paint these boxes in any color. Places these small pots on shelves, in your bedroom, anywhere you want.

What do you do with shipping boxes?

 Most of the time, you received the product in corrugated boxes because of its strength. Do you know you can use these shipping boxes for storage purposes? The corrugated material can withstand the load, so use them for storing. These custom shipping boxes are best for arranging files and books. For this, all you need is a rectangular-shaped box. Cut them as shown in the images, and here you go. You can place any book or folder in it. If you don't have any shipping box, you can choose any rectangular brown kraft boxes.

Make a pinball game and surprise your kids



Buying different games for kids every month is not at all a good idea. But kids do not stop demanding about the new games and toys; for this, there is a solution for you. After finding out, you will never throw the cardboard and custom gift boxes. So collect all the custom package boxes and make an innovative piece of art. Cut the cardboard in the shape mentioned image. Place disposable cups on its side to give a perfect look. Place damaged CDs, and here you go.  You can make any toys and gadgets from these eco-friendly boxes like makers, solar oven, and much more.

You all know about eco-friendly boxes and how you can protect the global warming by using it. But by following DIY ideas mentioned above will also make you reduce the pollution.


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