Serviced Offices In Brisbane Enabling Deep Connections

Serviced Offices In Brisbane Enabling Deep Connections

There is no doubt that being self-employed is hard. Working alone with little chance to interact with others can be a lonely time. Despite its obvious perks, it is common to have feelings of isolation.

A lack of social interactions and support reduces productivity, creativity and innovation. Lonely workers are unhealthy, with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, comprised immunity, increased likelihood of depression, and shortened lifespan (American Psychiatric Association Foundation 2018).

Luckily, the rise of co-working spaces is changing the environment for self-employed individuals and small to medium-size businesses. See how working from a professional serviced office in Brisbane can improve your working life:

A sense of belonging

Working close to others enables higher chances of connection. Rather than being alone the entire day and driving yourself crazy, you can enjoy going for coffee with someone from the office or even grabbing a quick bite.

Workspace365 has a range of premium serviced office locations in Brisbane CBD. As a result, your new office mates have various cafes and restaurants surrounding your modern workplace. Better yet, their modern kitchens include barista-style coffee, meaning you can help yourself to a beverage and chat at your convenience.

Increased happiness

No longer feeling lonely and isolated increases happiness levels. Whether this is for yourself or your team, happiness has been found to increase productivity by 12% (University of Warwick 2014).

Happier employees support each other, which provides a collaborative environment. Positive attitudes lead to a higher likelihood of asking for help, as they aren't ashamed of asking for assistance.

Wellness plans have been found to do the opposite of their intended purpose when forced among employees. Changing the office environment through company culture and the boss’s attitude is more effective at increasing wellness (Harvard Business Review 2016).

Quicker at finding solutions

A team that is more collaborative and supportive is more likely to reach solutions and results quicker. There is improved flexibility in the organisation to pivot to a new course of action quickly. In a complex, unstable and disruptive environment, flexibility is needed more significant than ever. Hence why a serviced office Brisbane is your sure way to succeed in today's world.

Higher collaboration also means to exchange ideas with like-minded professionals quickly. This environment inspires creativity to result in more innovative solutions. There will be less of a need to take part in long and eventful meetings as everyone in the office will be updated with team progress regularly.

Greater loyalty

Workspace365 hosts regular volunteering and community events. The 2017 Deloitte Volunteerism Survey highlights that those who volunteer are more likely to be loyal, satisfied employees, in comparison to those that don't volunteer. So not only will it create a positive working environment, but it will also increase employee retention.

Your employee’s commitment to their job and overall dedication to your organisation will improve. Being happier at work leads to higher engagement and motivation to complete the task at hand.

Are you sick of feeling isolated in the office? Does your team need a new environment to give them an extra push? Make a difference in your business and rent a premium serviced office in Brisbane from workspace365. Contact them today on 1800 967 5669 or visit their website to find out more.

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