What is the basic stuff needed to know for import and export from India?
What is the basic stuff needed to know for import and export from India?

The export-import courses in Pune opened up to take some time to do it. Please read and share the below information.

Steps to start Export Business in India & Obtain IE Code ( Import & Export Code )

1. Choose your products.

2. Decide your company Name. Mostly ending with Exports.

3. Register your company.



Now we will go step by step,

Choose your Products:

Starting an export company is the easiest thing. But choosing a product & finding buyers is a major work for exporters in India. So before getting into starting up, select your product clearly and gather as much knowledge about the product.

Do a complete research on legal problems, government policies and restrictions for exporting your product.

Decide your company Name:

Name your company ending with EXPORTS or IMPEX or EXIM.

Why should I name my company ending with EXPORTS or IMPEX or EXIM.?

Nice question. If you name an export company as an export-import academy in Pune, The importer or the buyer would not understand what my business nature is. so you will have to tell the buyer that you are an export company to make the buyer understand.

While you choose your company name as an export-import academy in Pune instead of an export-import academy enterprise, The buyer can directly understand the nature of your business that you are an exporter.

Post GST Era, Import Export Code is put out of service, GSTIN number will be utilized to perform import and export business.

Documents required for import customs clearance in India

The documents required for import clearance under all products are not the same. However, we can discuss the common documents required for import customs clearance in importing countries.

 I will provide you some general information on documentation of import customs clearance from which you can have a common idea on the subject. I hope, this information helps you a lot to know about documents required for import clearance generally.

Since various types of commodities are imported from different countries, a complete list of documents for import customs clearance procedures can not be provided. 

Moreover, different countries have their own policies in turn different procedures and formalities for import clearance.

Each product under import and export is classified under a code number accepted globally which is called ITC number.

There may have bilateral import-export agreements between governments of different countries. 

Imports and exports from such countries may have exemptions on documentation for export and import clearance.


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