Understanding the Appeal of IGCSE Schools in Bangalore

Understanding the Appeal of IGCSE Schools in Bangalore

“Fail the method not the child”

                                                                     -John Holt

It is ironical that although India had the formal education system in ancient and medieval times, today’s generation is searching for the ‘font of learning’ from overseas. Nevertheless, alternative systems have made a comeback and parents are interested in choosing the same for their children. There is absolutely no education that fits all youngsters even of the similar age. The traditional way is phasing out and the focus is presently on developing the child and not failing it through exams. The definition of an ideal academic environment has improved. This can be seen in several igcse schools in Bangalore which impart learning suitable to global standards.

Why is the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) system a success? Its appeal lies in preparing students for higher education in UK and North America. As an Indian parent looking for alternative schooling in this method, why should Bangalore be your destination? This post tries to answer these questions and elucidate the benefits of residential campuses.


Benefits of Alternate Education

 As society changes, there is a need to adopt trending methods of education. Alternate methods include smaller classrooms, and exclusive attention can be paid to the student.

 The chief benefits are:

  1. Immersive experience of teaching
  2. Personalized method and skills that a child can learn
  3. There are no grades, so the pressure of tests and examination is eliminated
  4. The methodology is enriching within and outside the classroom
  5. Studies move outside the walls of the school
  6. Residential environment fosters better role play in teams
  7. Teachers are highly qualified and sensitive to the requirement of children


Current Generation of Teachers in IGCSE Schools in India         

If we revisit the words of John Holt who said, ‘fail the method and not the child’ in the early 1970s, the message is abundantly clear. A youngster might have more potential in other areas and be weak in academics. We have already noted how the pressure of performing and getting good grades has ruined kids. Thus, the rise of new schools is welcome. What is also encouraging is the teachers acknowledge the need to be sensitive to the students. In Bangalore, the city which boosts an effective environment for studying many parents from other places seek admissions for their offspring. The igcse schools in India recognizes need to adopt holistic systems of imparting knowledge. The teachers are instructed to handle children who cannot cope up with the general curriculum. In the past, it was standard for the teacher to admonish the child from a poor background for not performing. But the scenario has changed today. Teachers are adequately equipped to handle students who are slow and require extra assistance. This helps the child not to have any complex and continues to learn at a suitable pace. Such students who live inside the campus often turn out to be better with progressive years.


Good Infrastructure for Residential Students

Gone are the days of hostels and dormitories. Today, the entire infrastructure has been improved within the walls of learning institutions. Parents should take a recce of current igcse residential schools in India to understand how student-friendly they are. As the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) system conforms to international standards of teaching, the appropriate residential facilities are appealing. It is ideal for students who accept the 2-year course which is recognized by the prestigious University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). The students get a proper blend of theory and practical in the most elaborate labs. Both are important to develop an analytical mind on a global level. Any student opting for this course will be qualified to prepare for AS and A level North American APT (also called the Advanced Placement Test).

The studies are divided into 5 groups namely: 

  • Languages
  • Humanity
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social sciences (Technical & vocal)

The igcse schools in Bangalore are some of the best in India for the teaching methods and the infrastructure they provide. With the dynamic strategies that some teachers employ several students gain confidence to enter the real world. More so when they have to gain admission in universities in UK or USA. The fact that several Indian students have been selected in North American universities is proof of the reputation of this alternative education system.

It is time to make a decision to change the destiny of your child. Who knows, you will be raising a global leader in the near future.

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