Quick Answers to Kidney Disease Queries and Ayurvedic Treatment

Quick Answers to Kidney Disease Queries and Ayurvedic Treatment

The significance of kidneys is no jest as we all are well aware of all its functioning. It is necessary to take care of our kidneys for a quality life. This blog is inclusive of information about kidney disease and how Ayurveda kidney treatment can naturally aid the condition.

What is kidney disease?

Any damage caused to the kidneys hampering their basic functions can be referred to as kidney disease. The damaged kidneys favor waste build up in the body. Moreover, it causes other health problems such as nerve damage, malnutrition, and weakening of bones. No treatment of kidney disease on time may lead to kidney failure.  The kidney regulates the pH balance in a human body and other electrolytes. Kidney disease is not a rare disease anymore. There are millions of people getting affected by this condition. Diabetes and high blood pressure are said to be two prime and significant reasons behind kidney disease. Kidney disease is of different types. Although, Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment can cure all this condition naturally.

a) Chronic kidney disease
b) Acute kidney disease
c) Polycystic kidney disease
d) Kidney stones
e) Urinary tract infections
f) Glomerulonephritis

In addition, it causes symptoms such as-

• Poor appetite
• Insomnia
• Fatigue
• Cramps in muscles
• Edema
• Dry scalp
• Frequent urination

However, when the kidney disease turns severe it generates symptoms that are given below. These symptoms imply that kidney disease is speedily turning into kidney failure.

• Vomiting
• Nausea
• Anemia
• Fluid retention
• Hyperkalemia
• Paricardium inflammation

Things a person should know about kidney disease

Understanding the disease related to kidneys is as important as understanding the anatomy of the human body. The human body is a natural gift that needs to be nurtured with extreme care. Any damage to organs may ask for extra supervision. In the case of kidney disease, a person should know about numerous things. These are-

• Early kidney disease shows no signs.
• Kidney diseases are curable.
• Kidney disease is progressive.
• Ways in which kidneys can be protected.

However, any damage to kidneys can be prevented by Ayurveda kidney disease treatment naturally. Let us study these points in detail.

Early kidney disease shows no signs.
Never sit back thinking that the kidneys will show certain symptoms to indicate the failure. No, kidney disease in their early stages has no signs and thus gets unrecognized and undetected. These small and initial stages further cause fatal damages. Kidney disease can be detected with the help of physical tests only. In many cases, people feel just fine until the kidneys stop completely. Therefore, instead of waiting for the symptoms to arrive, go for regular blood and urine tests as these two tests could easily tell about the condition of the kidneys and any related disease. Blood test helps in the measurements of GFR, which determines the well-being of the kidneys. Moreover, the urine tests will check protein in the urine.

Kidney diseases are curable.
This is a false belief among people that kidney disease cannot be cured. In addition, people see dialysis and transplant as the only cure for the kidneys disease or a failed kidney. If the condition of kidney is detected on time, it can be treated with numerous effective methods and one such method is Ayurvedic kidney treatment that naturally cures the condition from the core. Dialysis and transplant is not the solution for kidney disease and it instead brings down the quality of life. These two artificial methods use different medications, fluid, and apparatus that can cause numerous side effects to the bodies making it weaker and dull. Monitoring high blood pressure and diabetes will not only complement the kidneys’ treatment but also prevent heart disease.

Kidney disease is progressive.
If kidney disease does not get proper treatment, it can become fatal with time. In most cases, it leads to kidney failure. Moreover, it can cause other health problems such as stroke or heart attack.

Ways in which kidneys can be protected.

After the test, if the report confirms kidney disease there are many measures a person can take to protect the kidneys and work a little extra towards preventing the progression of the disease. These are some Ayurveda kidney disease treatment methods that can naturally treat kidneys.

1. Avoid the consumption of fatty, fried, and oily food.
2. Monitor blood pressure, blood sugar level, level of cholesterol, and body weight to prevent kidney damage.
3. Quit consumption of alcohol.
4. Quit smoking.
5. Manage sodium intake in the body.
6. Kidney damage can also be prevented by limiting the intake of potassium.
7. Monitor protein intake.

What are the questions a person should ask his nephrologists’?

It is common to lose energy when a person suffers from any kind of kidney disease. However, being not attentive might cause problems for the person. Being an unhealthy person, you are the one who should be most conscious of your health. It is very significant for the diseased to understand his health condition, what can be its consequences, which should be the medicines, and many other things. But, how does it help? It will be a great help for the patient, as he will get to know about the reasons he developed a certain disease and preventive measures he needs to take. Moreover, he will be self-dependent in many ways. We are giving a list of questions below which every kidney patient should ask their nephrologists’.

1. What is the reason behind my condition?
2. What is the percentage of my kidneys working as of now?
3. What results did we get after my lab tests?
4. What are the measures I need to take to make my kidneys work for long?
5. What can cure my symptoms?
6. Is there any need for dialysis or a transplant in my case?
7. What should be the next step of the treatment?

Ask these questions to your nephrologists’ and always remember that kidney disease can be treated without dialysis or a transplant. It is possible with the Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment naturally.

Life expectancy in kidney disease

Any disease comes with a risk to life. If the initial stage of kidney disease progresses and leads to kidney failure then a person may die. In the early time, people used to believe that kidney failure means sudden death, which is not true. Although, kidney disease is becoming common day by day so there arises a question about the life expectancy in kidney disease.


Life Expectancy

0 to 14 years 

24 years for male and 22 years for female

30 to 35 years

14 years for male and 13 years for female

60 to 85 years

6 years for both male and female

Study more about kidney diseases here.

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