5 Best tips for parenting
5 Best tips for parenting

Parenting is challenging, yet, the need to make the best decisions for one’s children is incredibly important. However, sites like agree that a good parent is not necessarily a perfect one. It is a parent that hopes the best for their children and makes decisions based on what they believe is best for them. Again, no child is perfect either, and this consideration is important when making expectations for them. Below are some tips to help with effective parenting:

Be a great role model

Telling your child to do the right thing is one way to show them what is acceptable, and doing it is an even better way. A child that watches you 'walk the talk' will more likely adopt positive behavior such as table manners and social skills if they see you do the same. Children are intelligent and learn by observation and imitation. Showing your child empathy and respect plus how to interact with other people will get them to follow suit.

Find the delicate balance between being loving and being firm

When your baby is born, they have billions of neurons with very little connection. Think of it as a blank slate. However, as they start to grow up, their experiences cause new connections, which then shape their perceptions, actions, and personalities. It is, therefore, to show them love and kindness to ensure that they have plenty of positivity to share with those around them. Negative experience and harsh treatment, on the other hand, will provide a negative environment and produce an equally negative person.

However, when it comes to discipline, it is important to be firm to ensure that they know what is moral, the difference between right and wrong, and avoid treating those around them badly. Punitive measures only teach the child to fear the consequences of the action rather than why it was wrong and teaches them to avoid getting caught or trying anything altogether. Aim for positive discipline rather than punitive measures.

Avoid excessively negative reactions

Anger, sarcasm, and yelling are never the right ways to deal with a child who seems to have challenges, such as short attention spans or trouble at school. Such outbursts will make them feel worse and will make the issue worse.

Getting angry is a normal thing and we cannot stop it. However, we can do it without losing our temper and this makes parenting more effective and easier. The children eventually behave properly, and we in turn, feel better too.

Never compare siblings

Love all your children equally and offer them the same support and resources. If one sibling perceives that they are being looked down upon, a rivalry could sprout and last years, some even having far worse consequences on the family. Always let your kids know that they are loved equally.

Monitor their internet usage

The internet today is one of the largest sources of moral decay and even security risks. You should not necessarily interfere with their privacy as they may resent you, especially if their teenagers. Instead, talk to them about risks like fraud, sex predators, and cyberbullying, and let them now that they can talk to you in case they feel threatened or overwhelmed with anything happening online.


Parenting is a continuous process that requires you to give your all and hope for the best outcome. With proper parenting, even the most troublesome children can become obedient and amazing individuals.

Give all you can; be humorous, patient, and have the best attitude when handling the children. The end results will be so amazing and rewarding.

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