Spraypaints Or Traditional Painting Methods
Spraypaints Or Traditional Painting Methods

Which Is Better Today?

Traditionally whenever you had a painting, modeling, interior designing job, you would call a painter or a respected professional and just get the job done. But now due to such a vast variety of options and time-saving techniques available, things have become easier and convenient, whether you are doing it yourself or asking a professional to do it for you. In this article, we will be discussing various pros and cons of each method of painting for a professional or an amateur.

Pros And Cons

Having a piece of proper equipment is an essential requirement in a painting job, other than the skills of the painter. The right Result can be achieved only through the proper use of equipment. Therefore the crucial question as to whether to use spray paint or a traditional method (brushes and rollers) remains an important point.

Let us discuss a few pointers to determine if spray paint is better than the rollers & brushes.

  1. 1.       Speed: When it comes to being more time-efficient, Spray paints take the lead. It is been proven that Spray paints do the job two to three times faster compared to the traditional brushes and rollers. Titan Controlmax is rated 3.5 on amazon, one of the best titan sprayers out of many, in regards to speed.
  2. 2.       Coverage: In terms of coverage spray paints take the lead as well. They are the best in coverability. Sprayers have more ability to reach the nooks and corners easily as compared to the brushes and rollers. They also don’t need any filling or coating.
  3. 3.       Amount of paint: Spray paints use more paint, 33% more than the paints used with roller or brushes. Hence if you are painting lattice, painting with a spray gun is wasteful. An Airless sprayer compared to an HVLP sprayer (High volume low pressure) uses more paint at the rate of two gallons a minute.

    HVLP sprayers are better in terms of paint usage and approximately use the same amount of paint to that used by rollers. However, it still uses up to twenty percent more than the rollers.
  4. 4.       Safety: Safety is a very important point when considering painting. Unfortunately, when using spray paints it can spread on your hands due to the high pressure it uses. Because Paints consider toxic substances it is very crucial that if you get any paint on your skin, you must immediately seek medical attention.

    Therefore when using spray paint, it is important to use extra safety measures. Where in using rollers or brushes there is not much risk of getting paints on your hands.
  5. 5.       Re-usability and Durability: Sprayers have features that last a long time, whereas roller and brushes on the other hand after the first use pretty much becomes wasted.  The foams on the rollers do not last a long time but brushes are still reusable.
  6. 6.       Electronic Support: The rollers and brushes here have the advantage of being hassle-free in terms of electric wires and other support systems. The spray guns used for painting require a lot of batteries and electric wires etc.
  7. 7.       Cost:  When it comes down to cost, rollers and brushes are better as they do not involve any operating cost, So the cost might be less especially if you are doing it yourself.

    However, the spray guns used to spraypaint require a lot of operating costs. A Customer on Amazon although leaves a review about Titan Sprayers, saying, “I did save more than enough from my painter's bill to justify the expense”.  So maybe you are saving on operating costs when using traditional methods of painting but you save a lot of cash from having a professional painter comparatively.
  8. 8.       Flexibility and Ease of use: Rollers and brushes are a bit more difficult to use for DIY projects. They can cause your arms to strain, The long hours of standing on a ladder, the up-down motion when you paint, etc.

    However the spray paints are easy to use as they won't strain your arms,  you will have more space to move around and reach all corners. But spray paints tend to leave a lot of mess behind and leftover paints on your body and nearby objects.
  9. 9.       Even and smooth Finish: Spray paints provide a fine and even finish. With a fine mist of paint, it ensures the area coverage is smooth. The brushes and rollers, on the other hand, are a bit complicated as you have to apply thinners and various coats to make sure there is an even finish.
  10. 10.   Versatility: Spray paints provide an advantage of being used on any surface. With rollers, painting is only possible on flat surfaces, where is with paintbrushes it is hard to reach every nook and corner, Hence spray paint offers the advantage of being used on any surface and its reach is flexible.
  11. 11.   Painting on the old surface: With spray paints, you can spray on a dirty wall and give it a new look. While it is always best to clean the surface you to paint thoroughly but if you don’t you can use roller paint. But with roller paints, the paint has the tendency of pooling up so the best option is to spray paint and quickly roll down the surface with a roller and viola! Good as new.



 What To Choose?

The article extensively discusses in detail the pros and cons of using both the methods of painting. A Habitual painter says in one of his reviews on painting, “Titan sprayers provide fantastic tools for a DIYer, saved more than the purchase price on a whole-house project”.

So in conclusion, when it comes to flat surfaces, the conventional method of painting is good but when you have to do large surfaces or cover small corners paints sprayers are better.  Also do consider your budget as paint sprayers do use a lot of paint but it does save the cost of hiring a professional. Whatever you do, please invest in good quality paint.


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