The Evolution of Manchester City FC Crest
The Evolution of Manchester City FC Crest

The Crest of any team is the symbol that represents it in front of all the fans. When any soccer fan buys a team soccer jersey, he always looks for the Crest to be original. Especially if we consider the famous Manchester City apparel, no one can forget what it looks like. So, while buying the official team soccer apparel, don't forget its authenticity. 


The authentic soccer jerseys can be identified features like ventilation with small holes in Jersey, slim-fitting, lightweight, heat press logo, etc. 


The Crest is the main talking point here. As every other Jersey goes to some evolution in design, the Crest of Manchester City FC is the most evolved here. When we compare it to others, it has gone to the most changes since the 1900s. Let's find in detail what exactly the Manchester City gear has been imprinted with. 


The Manchester City Crest Evolution


  • The Manchester City FC was known as West Gorton in 1882 and had a very different logo, i.e., the Maltese Cross. It had no significance. The practice of relating the logo to something was not very common in those days. The Crest stayed on for at least 50 more years. 


  • In 1926, finally, the team changed its Crest for the FA Cup finals. The Crest had a Manchester code of arms logo on their shirt. It was very complicated to describe at that time. At that time, the team didn't have much success, and the logo didn't prove to be very lucky for them. 


  • Then came 1970 on the team opted for a circular crest of a sky blue color. Manchester City FC was printed on the outer part in a circle with a shield type emblem in between. It was in another smaller circle in between. The logo proved to be quite significant for the team when it got its second League Cup in 1976. 


  • To evolve a logo from the previous form, the club decided to go with the same circular shape with just a few changes in the shield. The red part on the lower half of the shield was changed with a Lancashire rose. The upper part of the shield consists of a battleship. This ship represented the Manchester ship canal, and the three stripes on the shoulder are the three rivers in Manchester. 


  • After the 1976 crest, the Manchester City that was used before 1970. however, the team again lost some of its popularity due to consistent bad performances. So, it shifted back to the previous circular Crest. The same Crest was employed in 1981 as that in 1972. 


  • In 1994, the band shifted to a totally new design of the Crest that spotted Centenary on the top. This Crest was continued till 1995. 


  • Another version of City Crest in 1995 was used that was based on a coat of arms, but it was not possible to register a copyright, and it never exploited image rights. To avoid the problem, the Manchester City FC employed a new emblem that was the golden eagle to represent the city coat of arm. 


  • In 2003, the same golden eagle was seen on the Manchester City Jersey with a black background. The three stars above our for decorative purposes and signify almost nothing. This golden bird then went on with Manchester City till 2013-14. During that time, Manchester City overtook Liverpool FC and won another title of the UEFA Champions League. However, they did not stick to the fair play regulations, which attracted a fine of £49 million. 


  • This took Manchester City to take another route when it came to the Crest and redesigned it. The popular circular logo gave a 3D impression. Next time, it was much fancier riddle similar rose Honda lower half of the shield and a battleship on the upper. Manchester City was also written in a different form with Manchester on the top of the circle and City on the lower. The outer edge of the ring was colored in blue. 


Since then, the badge of Manchester City apparel has not been changed. The 2019-20 badge will most probably remain the same until a different trend follows.

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