Can you deal DDoS attacks very efficiently?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have become very common. From small to large, all kinds of businesses are affected by DDoS attacks. Hence, there should be an effective mitigation service so that you will be able to manage the server very efficiently. The service to the user will be disrupted by a DDoS attack. The attack will be scrubbed by a service provider which is known as mitigation. The mitigation is done successfully by checking anomaly recognition, anti-spoofing, packet inspection and cleaning. All these measures are implemented so that bad traffic will be segregated from the good traffic.

Selection of best mitigation service

It is very much important to choose the best  DDoS Mitigation  service. It is a specialized service which can be offered by a reputed company. The company should have necessary infrastructure and manpower to accomplish the task. It should invest in right kind of systems and those systems should be upgraded at regular intervals.

There are different kinds of network threats. Proactive security should be provided and there should be the rapid response when attacks take place. There are three kinds of service deployment models. The design guidelines should be followed very accurately so that you will be able to make the most of the setup. Enterprise customers will be benefited from managed network protection solutions. Last mile connections and internal infrastructure will be protected by managed network protection.

Hosting services are protected from DDoS attacks by subscribing to managed hosting protection. Bandwidth saturation can be prevented by going for peering edge protection service.

Mitigation process

By implementing the DDoS Mitigation process, traffic diversion will be initiated. Cleaning and injection will be done. The baseline learning will take place where components of protection solution will build a traffic baseline database. The database will be built with normal traffic pattern. Anomalous traffic can be identified when DDoS attack takes place. Special devices will be installed so that they will learn traffic patterns independently. After the completion of the learning process, an alert will be flagged by traffic anomaly detector. Mirrored traffic will be monitored continuously. If there is any abnormal traffic, a set of filters will be configured to record the event.

The pre-configured mitigation device will send an alert to put the attacked zone in protection mode. There will not be any diversion of traffic for other destinations. Through the scrubbing activity, the bad traffic will be eliminated and good traffic will be sent to the server. Thus, the scope for denial of service will be reduced drastically. The cleaned traffic from the guard will be injected into the zone. There are various kinds of injection methods. The method will be selected based on the type of layer. Dynamic filters of limited life span are removed after the completion of DDoS attacks.

Thus, in order to deal with denial of service attacks and distributed denial of service attacks, there are various methods. You should choose the best service as per the sensitivity of your business and budget.


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