The key to a picture perfect home is 2D floor plan design

The key to a picture perfect home is 2D floor plan design

However small or big a property is, with a little manipulation and judicious design the home or building that is about to come up, can be made to look spacious and beautiful. Small house and rooms can look bigger if designed properly. Now to choose an appropriate plan can be utterly confusing sometimes and the amount of architectural models available now can add to the confusion. However one needs to conduct in-depth research and take all the factors into considerations before contacting the floor plan drafting services which will ease your confusion and come up with the best possible plan.

Floor plan designs:

Firstly one needs to analyze the following things before contacting the designer:

  • Size of the land.
  • Number of rooms required and their types.
  • Budget.
  • And the amount of open space required.

Old school vs. New rule:

With the onset of the technological age our works have become much simpler than we can even imagine. So floor plan designing and planning too have been bitten by the technology bug and they are using various softwares to come up with artistic 2D floor plan designs and may even stretch it to 3D on demand. The main benefits are listed below:

  • Less time and money consuming.
  • More flexible as corrections can be made any time.
  • Storage is possible and better researched and accurate content.
  • Manipulative and artistic.

2D floor plan designs:

Since hiring your own team of expert will be very expensive so it is better to give the responsibility to a company who are in this field for years. One such 2D floor plan drafting company is chemionix who are designing and drafting floor plans for corporate houses, realtors, architects etc. They convert sketches into 2d diagrams using various softwares and make their design complete with staircase, landing, balcony and other adjoining area. Chemionix works in the following manner to provide best support to the customer:

  • Once you hire them, mail sketches or digital images of the property to their panel of experts.
  • They will use latest technology and will make 2D and 3D floor plan designs with every detail you have asked them for.
  • They can convert the floor plans in any raster image or vector line format.
  • If you are happy with it you may go on with the constructions.
  • If not you may contact them and ask them to incorporate necessary changes.


To outsource 2D floor plan drafting is the best option because it is very cheap and mutual collaboration is healthy for both the party. Also the building is more durable and the design is scientific when constructed based on the floor plans. Also they strengthen the building protecting it from natural forces. Chemionix is providing services like 2D and 3D floor plan drafting and outsourcing them for sometimes now and as a result of which has gained some hand-on experience too. One may always count on them for providing high-end and optimum designing solution within a stipulated period of time.


Chemionix provides one of the best outsource 3D floor plan drafting & modeling services and can be trusted with any kind of floor plan designs. The team of expert at chemionix are quick and experienced and will give you colossal service within limited time.

Chemionix is providing services for Floor plan design & drafting for many years now for our clients based in USA, UK & Australia and have generated more than 10,000 floorplan design during last 5-6 years.


We offer fixed pricing on either floorplan basis or on per Sq.ft basis for generation of 2D Floorplans. The floor plans are produced on in-house sofwares like AutoCAD & Revit or online tools using Metropix, floorplanner Or PlanUP.



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