How to effectively plan your digital marketing budget for 2020
How to effectively plan your digital marketing budget for 2020

Digital marketing services in Hyderabad have occupied a prominent place since the last decade. Today, in this world of digitalization, even a small child knows how to use the internet for their daily purposes. Many companies are planning to allocate a separate budget for the best digital marketing services in Hyderabad. Even digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad are striving to plan its budget accordingly as digital branding services/ digital marketing approaches have proven to be effective in the coming years too. It is not enough to have just an idea, a well-planned budget based on marketing tools like content marketing, Email, social media, SEO takes your business to the next level. 


Identify your marketing channels


Allocating a marketing budget can be one of the daunting and important tasks for every digital marketer. They should have a thorough understanding of the digital brand services and which element or channel makes all the difference. Below is the breakdown of various components on which you need to allocate the marketing budget for 2020.

  • AR and VR

  • Paid search

  • Video marketing

  • Personalization

  • CMS website development

  • Innovative and creative chatbots

  • Quality and non-plagiarised content marketing

  • Marketing automation

  • Influencer marketing

That being said, 95% of companies emphasized digital budget as an important financial planning and 9 out 0f 10 are planning to increase their digital brand services budgetin 2020. 


Industry-wise budget allocation


Interestingly, the digital marketing services in Hyderabad lay their expenditure based on the type of industry. This is even worthwhile for the organizations too. For example, if the business is in the line of manufacturing, then they will plan for an average of 6.4% overall on the annual budget. But if that sector belongs to technology and software, then there will be 9.3%. 

Breakdown of the budget allocation based on various industries

  • B2B engineering, manufacturing, construction - 0.5% - 2%

  • Electronics and scientific equipment -1%

  • Chemical/Gas/oil - 0.5%

  • Real estate 2%

  • Startup- 5%

So, it is better to properly audit the past results and allocate the budget based on different analysis. Look what works well for your industry as asocial media marketing services in Hyderabad and plan accordingly.


Think about marketing software


Internet marketing service in Hyderabadand the marketing tools go hand-in-hand. You can't imagine the efficiency of the work without the help of this software. It's vital to keep an eye and focus of every tool that is useful to you and plan the budget strategy

  • Some of the helpful tools are

  • Management/social media marketing tools

  • Collaboration or Project management software

  • Email and marketing automation tools

  • Video creators, outreach tools

  • Graphic design software, content creation tools and more

Consider these tools and invest in them at the right time. 


Last but not least, wisely spend your budget on the best digital marketing services in Hyderabad and grow your business visibility. 9and9 truly utilizes the budget to its best of its capabilities and helps you drive leads at the right time and place.




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