Steps To A Happier Relationship: How To Improve Your Communication With Your Partner?
Steps To A Happier Relationship: How To Improve Your Communication With Your Partner?

We all need advice, particularly on how to maintain a good relationship. As healthy as the relationship is, great advice will always come in handy. One of the best pieces of advice anybody will give you is to focus on communication. The key to a better relationship is communication. It will determine how long the relationship lasts and it’s even a great litmus test for how healthy the relationship is. 

A positive social life is proven to increase the subject’s well-being and provide greater life satisfaction. Positive emotions are a key component of happiness, and these emotions will only come from friends or family that choose to radiate this emotion.

We love connecting with other humans, it simply brings us joy. A good use of communication will not only improve the relationship of the couple but it will also improve their social interactions. 

Most television shows, articles, and webpages provide good relationship advice. Their tips and pointers can help you to improve your communication skills. It is okay to use someone else’s anecdotes as a life lesson. Most relationship problems are caused by poor communication.

So now that we know how important communication is, how do we know what a healthy conversation looks like? How do we know when to stop communicating? And how can we improve communication inside our romantic relationships?

A simple talk will most likely involve a sender and a receiver. Formulated by the sender, and analyzed by the receiver, this message now creates a connection between the two. This connection will be manipulated by many things. 

Depending on our emotions, we will react differently. Depending on the way they formulated the message, we will receive it differently. Even our backgrounds may have something to do with the way that we react to people. One piece of advice that will count no matter the person or situation, is to always know why you are responding. Let me explain.

While talking to your partner, any statement made will affect the relationship in some way. This statement could involve you opening up, meaning you are giving the person information about yourself. Maybe this statement leans towards the relationship status. This means that your response will show how you feel about the person, it is no longer just about yourself. It could also follow a sense of appeal. Maybe your message is trying to get other people to do something.

No matter the purpose of your response, it is important to always keep in mind what you are trying to get out of it. This will avoid confusion, and ultimately improve the communication between you and your partner. A good piece ofrelationship adviceis honesty with your responses. If you can be honest and upfront, they will understand.

All this comes with the given fact that your relationship already has active communication, but what if there is no communication at all. The most important part about communicating with your partner is listening to their responses. Deep, positive relationships can only be developed by listening to each other. As I said before, the cause of most relationship problems is communication.

If there seems to be no communication in your relationship, it may be that neither side is truly listening. Maybe they are both trying to prove that one is right and the other is wrong. Some people call this passive listening. Here are some causes of passive listening:


Maybe it is nothing harmful, maybe you're simply thinking about what you should get from the store next time or that your missing milk, but it is still taking away from your relationship. You look distracted and less attentive, which could make your partner feel like they’re not worth your time. 

Thinking Of What To Say Next

This will not only distract your attention from anything said in the discussion but will ultimately get you used to always find a response. Sometimes the best thing to do is to sit back, listen, and understand.

Judging The Other Person’s Point Of View

This issue is extremely frequent. Most of us are in a relationship because we love the person, this becomes even harder at the time of an argument. Do not judge the perspective of your partner, because they may have something to say that you have not thought about until now. 

This one is probably the hardest to catch, but listening with a specific goal or outcome in mind. At the time of an argument, we are always putting our own beliefs at the top. These opinions tend to give us an end goal of what we want, and when your partner challenges the possibilities of this outcome, it could cause some serious tension.

Active listening, on the other hand, will improve this situation. This goes way beyond just talking as it is supposed to represent much more than just communication. It represents the connection between the two. To properly engage in active listening you should:


  • Utilize all nonverbal involvement. Show your attention with more than words to prove that person that you are genuinely interested in their thoughts. This could mean silencing your phone and being attentive. 

  • Pay attention to the argument as a whole. Do not dwell on what specifically made you mad. Focus on the bigger picture. What’s wrong with the marriage? What could have caused it? How could I help? 


  • Do not judge. It is essential for your partner to feel safe. A simple negative critique from you could discourage them from sharing anything else with you.


  • Tolerate silence. Many say that when you are truly comfortable with somebody, silence does not bother either of you. That is why when we are sitting with somebody we do not know as much about, it is hard and sometimes awkward to just sit in silence. Silence is not bad, it is a sign of intimacy, and if used well could bring a great connection to your relationship.

Now that you know that most relationships fail due to poor communication, you need to figure out where you are with your partner. Maybe you are at a great place in your relationship, but I just want to know more about future disputes. Even for those who believed their marriage is gone, there are plenty of simple exercises to help. One known exercise is simply having each person talk about your day for 10 minutes each day, and the other listens. This will improve the connection between you two, and force you to learn how to listen.

Now that you know a little more about how to improve your relationships communication, there is not a single excuse for not trying. 


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