Technical Building Inspections (ITE)
Technical Building Inspections (ITE)

The Technical Building Inspections is a mandatory periodic Building Inspections whose age exceeds 40 years, with the purpose of determining their state of conservation and the minimum safety and health conditions.

The procedure of the Building Inspections is regulated in the "Municipal Ordinance regulating the Technical Building Inspections", which aims to regulate the obligation of the owners, natural or legal persons who are the owners of the constructions, to perform their inspection in Compliance with current regulations. In the case of homes or premises integrated in a Community of Owners, the duty of inspection corresponds to the Community itself.

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What is the technical building inspections?

The Technical building inspections consists in determining the state of conservation of the same and the fulfillment of the duty of conservation imposed by the current urban planning regulations.

What buildings does the Technical Building Inspection affect?

The Technical building inspections affects all kinds of buildings and constructions, regardless of their use or destination.

When do you have to perform and submit the Technical building inspections?

The first Technical building inspections must be carried out within the year following that in which the building turns forty years from the date of the complete completion of its construction or comprehensive rehabilitation works.

Once the first building inspections is completed, the buildings will be subjected to successive periodic inspections, within the year following that in which they turn ten years since the previous building inspections.

Those buildings that have been completely completed or rehabilitated before January 1, 1971, the deadline for submission to the City Council will be the completion of the ITE. Buildings completed after 1971, have a term until January 31 of the year following the expiration of the period in which they must be carried out.

Who has to perform the Technical building inspections?

The owners, natural or legal persons who own buildings, will be the ones who must carry out their building inspections in compliance with current regulations. In the case of homes or premises integrated in a Community of Owners, the duty of building inspections corresponds to the Community itself.

Why is it mandatory to perform the Technical building inspections?

Because all owners of real estate must keep them in proper conditions of safety, health, public decoration and habitability.

The technical building inspections is configured as a measure of control of compliance with the duty of conservation, with the purpose of knowing the existing deficiencies and the actions that are necessary to maintain or restore safety and health conditions.

The non-realization of the building inspections implies the breach of the obligation of the conservation duty and therefore will entail its execution by the City Council, impacting the cost on the owners of the building, and where appropriate, the imposition of sanctions.

What advantages does the technical building inspections have?

Perform the building inspections and obtain the favorable result:

  • It certifies its safety, structural stability and health, guaranteeing its durability.
  • Material damages and physical risks to people are ruled out and third-party claims are avoided in the event of hypothetical damages arising from the poor state of our building.
  • Comfort conditions are maintained or achieved and helps reduce energy consumption.
  • When performed by a competent technician with a global vision, the works required by the building will be the best and evaluated with efficiency and profitability.
  • It provides peace of mind to its occupants avoiding costly repairs due to the worsening of deficiencies by detecting them promptly.
  • Depreciation of buildings is avoided by maintaining or increasing their market value and improving rental or sale expectations, since a favorable ITE constitutes a guarantee for sellers, buyers or tenants of the good condition of the property.

How much does the technical building inspections cost?

Technical building inspections is not a municipal tax. To present it to the City Council, you only have to pay a fee for processing costs.

This is a review of the building, so the owner or the Community, where appropriate, must agree on the price with the competent technician hired to perform such building inspections, which will depend on both its structural and construction characteristics, surface as well as of the complexity of the inspection.

The works that were necessary to prove a building inspections with favorable result, will depend on the scope and magnitude of them. The owner of the building or the Community, where appropriate, will directly agree the works with the company or professionals that have to carry them out.

What happens if the result of the technical building inspections is unfavorable?

Since the minimum safety and health conditions required are not reached, the owner is obliged to request the corresponding municipal license within three months to carry out the works proposed in the annexed report of the technical building inspections and to start and execute them within the deadlines provided.

How is the Technical building inspections processed before the City Council?

Once the building inspections has been carried out by the building inspections technician and within the month following the expiration of the period in which it must be carried out, the owner of the inspected property must submit the Certificate of the technical inspection and its annexed report in which it will be expressed clearly the result of the inspection, whether favorable or unfavorable, including in this case the measures that are dictated to remedy the deficiencies.

The technical building inspections will be registered in the Municipal Registry of Technical building inspections, the data contained in this Registry being public, and citizens may request information on the inscriptions contained in said registry.

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How is the technical building inspections carried out?

The building inspections will be carried out by competent technicians, in accordance with their competences and specialties, in accordance with the principles of impartiality, objectivity and independence, as well as that of truthfulness in the statements contained therein regarding the real state of the property.

The building inspections must be recorded in a certificate signed by the technician performing the technical building inspections, to which an annexed report will always be attached. Said certificate shall indicate the result of the inspection that will be favorable or unfavorable, as appropriate.

What are the minimum safety and health conditions?

The minimum safety and health conditions that a building must meet in a technical building inspectionss are the following:

  • Structural security, stability and consolidation, so that there is no damage in the building or parts of the same damage that have their origin or affect the foundation, the supports, the beams, the slabs, the load-bearing walls or other structural elements that directly compromise the mechanical strength and stability of the building.
  • Security and stability in its construction elements whose poor condition poses a risk to the safety of people, such as fireplaces, railings, suspended ceilings, cornices, cladding and ornamental or finishing elements, in particular if they can fall on public roads.
  • Water tightness, avoiding leaks through the facades, roof or the ground that may be a cause of lack of security described in the first two sections, which may affect the habitability or use of the building.
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