Oil : The Black Gold

By Oliver

Oil is considered the black gold these days; as it is the exhaustible resource with unlimited demand. The formation of coal and petroleum takes millions of years and the rate of consumption at which it is consumed will make it exhausts for the future generations.  The unique process of hydraulic fracturing, in which gallons of water, chemical and sand are pumped underground to break away the rocks and release the gas. There are a large number of companies that provide hydraulic fracturing servicesand machines to the companies involved in the oil business.  Companies in the North America and Canada are committed to providing good quality equipments in the oilfield as they are aware that the oilfield is the treasure of black gold and it needs to be well protected.

The production testing rentals are the services provided by the company to test the equipment on real oilfields and under real operating conditions. It gives an idea to the manufacturers about the machine and the companies also get to work on the real machines that will dig in the earth to release gas. These machines are:

  • Vaporizer: These are user friendly line heaters that help in heating fuel gas from a pipeline for optimum burning. It helps in cold weather water storage; it also helps in conversion of the rigs into natural gas that increases the efficiency.
  • Line heater: It is a water tank with pressure coils that warms the water and improves the separation process. The temperature of the well is made optimum with the help of the line heaters and it also helps in reducing emission of greenhouse gases making it eco-friendly product. The product is affordable and of high quality.
  • Junk catcher: As the name suggests, junk catchers catch the debris near the well which rises up  before the rise in water level in the wells.
  • Manifold: The amount of fluid to be flown in the hydraulics needs to be controlled and monitored which is the job of Manifold.
  • Emergency shutdown: In case of any emergency like floods or hydrocarbon escape or any other disaster, emergency shutdown systems are used. It also helps the oil fields to work even if the electricity lines are cut off.
  • Low Pressure separators: It is equipment used to separate oil from water. It is generally perceived that oil and water do not mix, but solid oil needs to separated from the water and divided into different compositions. It makes the oil separation process simple and fast.

Various well testing equipment are used to gauge the temperature of the well, presence of oil and gas in the well and how to bring out the oil with minimum wastage and debris. The equipments used in oilfields are undoubtedly expensive, but are a onetime investment with manifold benefits. These days there is no need to even buy the equipments as they are available on rent.

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