Global Warming

Global Warming


The global warming has become one of the major problems of the modern day. People are experiencing the effects of the Sun’s ultraviolet rays, and the causes of such changes are said to be numerous. They range from social to natural and environmental, but there is no doubt that humanity has had an enormous impact on the pollution of nature, and the damage to people and the Earth is rather noticeable. The climate shift has brought about many changes that humanity was not ready for, including an unhealthy fluctuation in the patterns of crop’s growth and emergence of diseases. The Earth’s population must get ready for a new era that will require more efficient use of energy and better conservation of people’s health.

The environment is becoming extremely polluted through the burning of naturally occurring fuel. The air pollution is already a problem in many countries and the US is not an exception. The nation has developed many strategies to help reduce toxic air emissions and one of them is to promote and establish clean coal burning technologies and implement them. The coal contains sulfur and ash and these must be removed to decrease the ecological footprint. Many countries in the world rely on coal heavily in almost every aspect of life, from residential to public and industrial ones. The use of coal is increasing and the rise is considered in the near future. As such, the primary cause of global warming is seen in the toxic emissions that lead to the greenhouse effect. It is crucial to note that corruption of businesses and governments which can be seen in many countries is another problem. The plants that are required to put up filtration systems never do that; in fact, it is better to spend a specific amount of money on bribes, to pay off some official than to spend larger sums on filters and changes to the plant. This is a part of an enormous social problem because people do not care what happens to the planet in the next hundred years, so they manipulate the system in order to get rich fast.

The Earth’s environment and naturally occurring cycles maintain certain temperature on the Earth, and sulfur dioxide is one of the agents that are involved in the reflection of the solar radiation from the incoming sun rays back into space. Volcanoes that are active, along with snow and ice also help reflect the harmful rays. The activity of industrial plants and vehicles, as well as other machinery emissions have been linked with the changes in temperature. The warming of the atmospheric air causes changes in the animal migration and living conditions. The life of plants and humans is affected as well. Agriculture and deforestation have also been linked to the global warming. The growth of crops, the needed space and the use of fertilizers have caused changes in the environment. The harmful run-off has affected the ecosystem, thus leading to a change in the ecological balance. Deforestation has largely increased in the past decades as people are using more trees than are planted. This depletes oxygen on the planet, and with the decrease in the plants which convert CO2 into oxygen, it is obvious that carbon dioxide emissions are steadily increasing.

The greenhouse gases which are CO2, methane and nitrous oxide all contribute to the warming effect and are a major concern for environmental scientists and specialists. The majority of these gases are produced by plant facilities, transportation and even via personal use. The plants emit a great amount of toxic pollutants into the atmosphere. The gas collects and does not allow for the warmth of the planet to escape, thus trapping the heat and producing the greenhouse effect. The Sun’s radiation gets trapped in the particles of the polluting gases, and warms up the surrounding environment, causing an increase in the surface temperature. The transportation and personal use of technology can be seen as both a governmental and social issue. The governments are unable to find a solution which would be environmentally friendly. New technologies, such as hybrid cars and buses only solve a miniscule portion of the problem. The infrastructure stays the same, leading to more pollution.

“Unhealthy” use of resources by people also has an effect. Some people never recycle, use a large amount of appliances, drive cars that require a great amount of fuel, and dispose of waste in undesignated places. Personal use is just as important as public. With the increase in the CO2 emissions, it is possible to predict that the temperature will be increasing, thus causing the melting of ice and the change of global temperatures. The ice reflects a vast amount of ultraviolet rays, thus contributing to cooling of the Earth; when the ice caps will be gone, the reflection will not take place. Increase in pollutants is due to the fact that there are other particles and materials that are being burnt with coal. The world is not set to becoming much cleaner and the technology will be the long-expected form of control. There has been a steady increase of CO2 in all locations. This means that gases trapped on the Earth’s surface have had a warming effect on the environment and thus, it is becoming a concern all over the world.

It is important to note that pollution leads to a vicious cycle which becomes almost impossible to avoid. A country or city which uses a large amount of coal changes the local temperature. The burning of polluted coal brings about acid deposition. This happens not only in local state or nation but in the neighboring countries as well. When comparing the two outcomes, it is clearly evident that recycling and prediction are more specific and in-depth figures. There is a direct example of where the coal is used—in particular, by industrial areas, boilers and furnaces. As a result, the warming of the climate affects the growth of crops as droughts contribute to the lessening of food quantity. The amount of rainfall has decreased causing poor countries to suffer even more. As such, the cycle repeats itself when people cut forests to grow more crops; the temperatures rise and the crops that were planted are unable to grow. The problem doubles since now there are neither forests not crops. A seemingly small change in temperature (by several degrees) leads to the lowering of potato yield, which is one of the major foods for many people. There is a possibility of growing rice, which matures quicker, but there is a downside of the lower nutritional value as the plants will not be able to absorb the necessary minerals, thus will contain fewer vitamins.

Another problem is the diseases that are transferred by insects like mosquitoes and mites. Because of the increased temperatures, their periods of breeding are becoming longer, causing greater exposure of people to viruses. Because of the warmer climate, plants and animals are starting to migrate north, but this in no way affects the distribution of virus carrying insects. The changes in the amount and location of foods available alter the migration of people as well. Some countries have seen an increase in population due to immigration. The people from poor countries are moving to places that have more resources and available opportunities, which increases the pressure on the local healthcare system and other social institutions. These social factors become another cause of the global warming because people start using more resources in a specific area. As the population grows due to immigration, the local authorities must increase industry and the use of resources.

The warming temperatures have made obvious many social problems that exist in the world. Minimal access to healthcare is becoming problematic in many poor countries. An equally problematic result of the warming climate is the variation in the heat waves, rains and general changes of weather conditions. The environment is becoming hard to predict and people cannot rely on climate due to fluctuations. Catastrophic events, such as floods and hurricanes cause an even greater problem as the land becomes polluted by the harmful substances and plants and animals become infected. This leads to more desolated lands and contributes to the global warming. The rising sea level is another consequence of the climate change. If there is an increase of one meter, it will cause devastation to many regions, ruining forests and crops. The cycle brought about by the global climate change causes rapid warming of the planet. Due to the fact that the Earth is already overpopulated and there are not enough resources to sustain proper living conditions, climate change makes conditions far worse. Many places will become uninhabitable, which will force people to move to areas where life is possible and this will cause even greater overpopulation.

To add to all the problems, the Earth is seeing considerable depletion of the natural resources and fossil fuels which are the established source of energy that must be used economically due to their decreasing amounts. There is technology that will possibly lessen pollution and the amount of waste material but it has to be implemented worldwide and with cooperation of many nations. The social differences between people and countries are another cause of global warming that comes from inability to join efforts and find a solution. Because there is much separation between countries and people, it would be difficult to make sure that all follow a healthy choice and strive to better the living conditions.

The accumulation of waste materials and pollution to the environment will constantly grow, reaching levels that will be hard to control. Major steps have to be taken before the situation deteriorates any further and the effects become irreversible. Even though the quality of living conditions will be decreasing with time, it can be sustained for longer periods and there are possible solutions to the future worsening of the environment. Already, the results of studies have shown a steady decrease in quality in both types of energy use, but coal usage has shown to be much more detrimental to people and environment. The waste is being accumulated at an increasing rate, causing even more problems to the environment and living conditions. The amounts of nuclear waste have also been increasing, but at a much lower rate. The scholars must thoroughly explore the climate change and its effects. The results of climate change can be predicted and controlled. Many years of studies are needed to observe the weather patterns before any methods are drawn out. The changes in winds, temperature, atmospheric moisture and barometric pressure all play a role in how humanity survives.

The global warming of the climate has been caused by the human activity. There is a speculation that this climate change is a natural process and humans had little effect on it, but evidence shows that pollution is the major cause. The accumulation of industrial and residential waste, greenhouse gases, lack of forests and crops, and social problems have all contributed to the global warming. Currently, there are technologies that have already proven to be instrumental in decreasing the global warming effect. The use of electric power and other clean energy sources have shown great potential. Nuclear energy may be much more beneficial to people and environment but it must be used with great care. It is evident that more safety procedures and preventative measures would have to be established in the prime essay so that the risk is minimal to people and environment.

Overall, it is clear that many changes have to be made. People must be determined to change the society, governments and their own ways of using energy and resources. The interdependent relationship of the planet and people is obvious, so humanity must to decrease its ecological footprint for the generations to come. It is clear that people greatly contribute to global warming, creating more problems for themselves in the form of poverty, diseases and lack of food and resources.

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