Marketing Tips & Tricks for Industry Leaders in 2020
Marketing Tips & Tricks for Industry Leaders in 2020

In the world of marketing, the new year means new opportunities for reaching out to consumers, improved strategy and achieving new goals. We reached out to many big industrialists to share their views on what this year will bring us. From employee trust and transparency to data analysis, here are the most anticipated marketing strategies and trends to watch out for in 2020.

Trust becomes important

It is obvious that customer tends to buy more from organization or companies who have high market values and hold a reputation they can trust. Keeping this in mind it is evident that trust will be a paramount measure in many divisions in 2020. It is predicted that consumers are going to be more conscious of marketing advertisements. Getting money out of the consumer’s wallet is going to be difficult than ever. In such an environment, companies will need to specify why they are selling a particular product and what it really is. Transparency is going to be crucial than ever before. 

Brands entering the realm of social stories

However, this trend isn’t one of the new ones. Still, more brands will utilities Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram stories to engage with their audience on a regular basis. This will help them to showcase their new arrivals. Such development of stories and their content execution will be at the forefront of the marketer’s mind. Now, this is one of those areas where the size of your brand doesn’t matter, anyone out there with the appropriate plan and effective engagement can take benefit out of this. 

Transparency brings revolution 

With the usher of 5G, 2020 is going to bring innovation more than ever. In the increasing development of technology such as AI and voice search interfaces, brands will need to focus on transparency and authenticity. All competitors out there will have to asses themselves where they stand in the market. They need to stay honest about their product in order to have a meaningful relationship with their consumers and grow their business. 

Data-Driven decisions

It has been highly anticipated that AI will evolve into augmented intelligence. This innovation in analytical technology is meant to magnify human innovation rather than replacing the workforce. Still, access to analytical information is now on an exotic scale. Resulting in companies to disclose themselves to critical threats in every minute. Hence, it is data, not an intuition that is steering the decisionmaking on a high level.


Personalization & presentation

Data privacy requirements are going to play a huge role in the year 2020. Organizations like GDPR are likely to enhance their personalizations on consumer’s demand. Marketers all around the world will be needed to find a balance between these two contradictory objectives. Marketers will need to discover ways to personalize both known and unknown customer situations. On the other hand, companies will also require to show their customers how beneficial data sharing could be. However, this particular process will require the value of exchange, marketers will have to give something in order to make customers share their valuable data. Such as personalization experience, special offers or added conveniences. 

Content marketing will still reign 

It is predicted that content marketing will still have some solid staying power. Though it is obvious that, success in content marketing will demand even more skills as compared to the old days. Nevertheless, content marketing is believed to be the best way to showcase your expertise, mold credibility, and rank yourself on Google. 

Besides all the potential to demonstrate knowledge to prospects, content is also what search engines put on the featured snippet or position zero. In the year 2020, marketing strategists need to revisit their content strategy. 

If you are a regular reader you will know that many top brands are posting more than 800+ words blogs. They are stepping in to showcase their unparalleled expertise. They are also utilizing video content and Q&A session to increase engagements.  

An era of Zero Click search

If you are into digital marketing you might have heard about zero-click search or position zero. If not, surely you must have seen it. 

It is a term referred to as the snippet result that Google provides where the user doesn’t have to click any result but get all the required information. Anyhow, position zero is a game-changer and fantasy of every digital marketer out there. Today about more than 60% of Google’s search results are no-click results, which is elaborating that keywords are losing their worth. With this no click result, these marketers need to look for new ways to attract traffic.

Smart Bidding

We all know that automation isn’t a novel thing nowadays. Still, with evolving Google ads and new AI-powered features, smart bidding is likely to become a staple for digital marketers in 2020. 

Combining with the already existed smart bidding, CPA and CPC will enhance the following things.

  • Frequent adjustments.

  • Magnify conversion value.

  • Option to set conversion at a different campaign level.

While Google’s smart bidding is developed to increase your conversions on a specific platform, marketers who will benefit most will be one of those who are already using it in the past. 

Final words

Though new strategies that are mentioned are evolving every day, they are likely to bring more benefits if they are combined with traditional strategies such as TV ads and billboards.  One of the major catch in this year would not be putting all your eggs in one basket. You need to try out everything and select which works best for you.


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