RICS CPD is a requirement to complete the final stage of assessment in the MRICS qualification route. The Assessment of Professional Competence is an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their competency levels to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors panel and be acknowledged to earn the MRICS designation. RICS requires all applying candidates to fulfil the required CPD hours as a process of maintaining professionalism and commitment towards the profession. All members and non-members applying for the RICS APC should complete 48Hours of CPD. Candidates can choose to study the courses according to their related subjects and professional development.

There are two ways to complete the required hours through formal CPD and informal CPD. Candidates can choose to complete the 48hours by splitting the hours between the two ways. RICS offers 22 sector pathways to become a chartered member. A candidate wishing to progress with the Quantity Surveying and Construction sector pathway can approach an online college providing the RICS APC Coaching Services. RICS accredits online colleges and universities to offer the Coaching Services and support candidates with the process. The College of Contract Management in the UK is one of the approved RICS Coaching Service provider offering services through live online lectures. The College provides services such as:

  • Assigning an MRICS counsellor to assess the performance and progress of the candidate throughout the RICS APC process.
  • Live online lectures and meetings with professional lecturers to help the candidate to understand the knowledge and skills necessary to advance.
  • Providing advice and reviewing the reports, documentations and records before submitting to the RICS.

The online college also provides several CPD courses which can be helpful for candidates to cover the required hours. Candidates who are advancing to become a Chartered Quantity Surveyors can study the Health, safety and CDM Regulation course through the College of Contract Management. The course covers the necessary knowledge and skills which abide with the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM). The online courses are available to access anytime and anywhere around the globe. The Health and Safety CPD course provides ten formal hours which can be useful for the candidates who are applying for the chartered membership qualification.

Why choose to study Health and Safety for RICS CPD?

Health and Safety are one of the most important factors to concentrate while entering the construction industry. The industry is known to be one of the risk-filled working environment. In the UK construction industry, all workers and employers are supposed to maintain a safe working environment to avoid any occupational fatalities. According to the percentage mentioned on Wikipedia, the UK construction industry faces 31% fatalities at work. In which 10% of it is a major workplace injury. However, the UK working environment is safer than in many other countries because of the priority given to health and safety at the workplace. The Health and Safety at work ACT 1974 (HASAWA) is drawn to ensure that all employers, workers and people within the construction premises are safe.

Some of the key features of the ACT are;

  • Securing the health and safety of all the people working in the area
  • Keeping all the individuals within the working premises safe
  • Controlling hazardous materials and ensuring the highest safety forms while handling them
  • Ensuring work equipment is safe to use
  • Providing information, training and supervision for all workers in the construction site
  • Ensuring the working environment is safe and friendly
  • Maintaining the working place to make sure that every individual working in the project faces no difficulties.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK enforces and regulates the requirements to make sure that all working environment is maintained well. The law for safety is carefully detailed after analysing the leading causes of accidents in the field of construction. Some of which are;

  • Falls
  • Being tangled with objects
  • Being struck by objects
  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Equipment accidents

The purpose of requiring candidates to complete the RICS CPD hours is to ensure that they are developing their knowledge and skills necessary to work in the profession. Continuous Professional Development is an excellent way to keep updated with the latest knowledge regarding the profession. Obtaining knowledge on the health and safety regulations necessary to maintain a safe working environment will add value to the professional's skills. All construction site needs a professional construction manager to work to ensure quality and professionalism. When a candidate studies the courses, he or she will have the skill to prevent the causes of accidents in a construction project site.

Ways to Prevent Construction Site Accidents

  • Management safety
  • Provide training for workers
  • Fall protection
  • Conduct inspections in the field before starting the project
  • Using VR to provide training for the workers
  • Using more machinery and fewer labour skills to ensure that workers are not overused and injured while doing hardcore activities.
  • Using new technology and support from BIM to design the model before starting work in the construction.
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