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In India, we are leaving in a traditional liberal environment where we respect each other for controversial issues. Nowadays, Enjoying a sexual adventure with same life partner may not be accepted for hi-profile female ladies in India. They are always searching for new peoples and go for an adult dating, Vacation trip, Business trip, sexual encounter on a bed. But they are not finding the right men to maintain their adult hunting naughty wishes. Escortcart is best Gigolo club where you can meet thousands of male gigolos in India, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, so more. 




Careers of a male prostitute in Bangalore Delhi Chennai Kolkata Pune Ahmedabad Hyderabad India :

     Working as a male gigolo to satisfy women's sexual fantasy for gifts or money is very rare in India. But nowadays its spreading in India and thousands of business lady hires gigolos to fulfil there desire. The most critical factors of demand in gigolo market can be the empowerment of females, that has made them financially stable and independent them to hire a male escort in India. Our online gigolo market Portal helps both the women and male escorts to understand each other and make them single on the bed. As a male escort, you can meet hi-profile individual ladies, make friends with them and go for a date with high earning facilities.

      Male escorts can search using our gigolo market online tools to find best matches of adult females and make them an adult encounter. We offer best-hunting women's that can give you thousands of dollar in a day for partnering them on a naughty night.


The income of a male gigolo or male prostitute : 


         At our gigolo market, we offer millions of dollar in a single year to your adult male champions in India. Male escorts' income varies from time to time. It depends upon how you perform with female clients on bed. Accordingly our gigolo membership package, your income will be decided by our escortcart team.

An estimated average income of male escorts at our gigolo market India :


  1.  Silver Gigolo market Membership : 

 Membership Valid For one year

 Eight female clients per month

 Rs. 15000 Earning per female client


  1.  Gold Gigolo market Membership : 

 Membership Valid For one year

 Nine female clients per month

 20000 Earning per female client


 3 Diamond Gigolo market Membership : 

 Membership Valid For one year

Ten female clients per month

25000 Earning per female client


About Escortcart: The Best Gigolo Entertainment Market In India


Escortcart adult male gigolo club India is an organization that offers exclusive gigolo services for hi-profile clients, usually for intimate sexual encounters. We arrange a meeting between one of our gigolos and clients at different places like dinner club, bars, hotels, night clubs, weekend parties, business trips, or on a vacation trip. We provide gigolo service at almost every five stars, Seven-star hotels in India. We available 24*7, and our well trained Male escorts can do any sexual encounter on behalf of the client's sexual satisfaction. We provide both incall and out call boy services to our well-reputed business ladies accordingly their's need or demand. We have almost 5000 male escorts in India, and also we require approximately 2000 more gigolos in India. For applying for male escort jobs or call boy job in India, get in touch with our customer care whatsapp number.


 Services available at Bangalore Delhi Pune Chennai Mumbai Kolkata Chandigarh Ahmedabad Hyderbad Surat Indore Jaipur Lucknow Bhubaneswar Dehradun Jammu Kashmir

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Escortcart: The best male gigolo dating service India


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