Promoting Better Patient Care

Promoting Better Patient Care

The two allied health specialties, which were chosen for this investigation, include anesthesiologist and surgeon. Both medical specialties deal with the surgeries and are interconnected. Both surgeon and anesthesiologist work together during a typical workday in a hospital, a long-term care facility, and an outpatient clinic.

The primary function of the surgeon is conducting the surgeries and assisting the patients to overcome their physical problems and deficiencies. The main task of the anesthesiologist is providing anesthesia during surgical procedures, pre-surgical and surgical tasks. The representatives of these medical professions would interact during their working day because the surgery is impossible without the anesthesiology and vice versa. These professions are interlinked, and the successful patient’s surgery is impossible without their participation.

It could be stated that there exists the idea that if the facility did not include the specialty of an anesthesiologist than a surgeon could take his/her place. The job of the surgeon presupposes extreme accurateness, as these people should be aware how to perform the operation in such a way, to treat one organ, and not to damage the others. They know how to make a cut and how to react quickly in case of side effects occurrence. The surgeon could be taught the calculations applied by the anesthesiologist to conduct the anesthesia of the patient for a particular period of time. Researchers Reed and Yudkowitz stated that surgeon assumes “the larger degree of responsibility for the patient’s preoperative preparation”. Before the surgery, these specialists investigate the patient’s history, susceptibility to certain medications, and existing allergies. It would be not difficult for him/her to conduct the patient’s preoperative interview to find out the drugs ever taken including the abusive substances. The data obtained could be further used for the patient’s anesthesia.

Unfortunately, the anesthesiologist will be unable to shift the surgeon in case of his absence from the facility’s staff. Despite the excellence medication knowledge, anesthesiologists will be unable to conduct complex operations. This job presupposes not only knowledge of human physiology but also inner feeling, and ability to react quickly. The surgeons intuitively feel what things have to be done due to their experience. Despite the proximity, which exists between the representatives of these professions, anesthesiologists will fail in the surgical practice.

Cross-training is a useful method because it makes the health care employees more knowledgeable in different spheres and equips them with different skills and practical knowledge. While speaking about me, I have to admit that I would like to be cross-trained for a different medical function to be able to perform the variety of medical operations. “One US study estimated that through cross-training 90 % of the patient’s care needs could be accomplished by the nurses on the floor, and that this led to a 75 % reduction in a number of hospital staff the patient may see during his or her stay”. Despite the fact that there exist certain concerns regarding the medical workers’ multi-tasking and cross-training, it is a great chance to overcome the current medical staff downturn issue. Cross-training will make the health care more efficient, as it would increase the number of specialists in different spheres.

In conclusion, it should be assumed that uniting two allied specialties is a proper solution to the current situation when a high number of hospitals experience severe staff shortages. To make it more popular, the government should introduce the law, which will allow multitasking healthcare professionals to get the double salary.

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Promoting Better Patient Care, Promoting Better Patient Care,

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