How to Earn Extra Money in Dubai with ECommerce Web Development

How to Earn Extra Money in Dubai with ECommerce Web Development

Do you want to know how to earn extra money in Dubai? that is, waking up with new orders in your inbox every day without having to handle any inventory. The above seems incredible, but it is true. You can make it possible.


Let's start with a short story:

“A few years ago, I started eCommerce Web Development dubai, an e-commerce that allowed me to earn additional income in a fairly passive way. Taking off the business took time and effort, but it didn't cost me much money. I wanted to start additional stream of income while working on full time job.

And within six months, eCommerce Web Design Dubai started generating money. As an engineer, I was used to making money while working. Earning money during all hours of the day, without making any additional effort seemed magical.

I chose to sell fine jewellery. I knew that the profit margin on jewellery is high, often more than 100%. However, the shipping cost is low since the jewels do not weigh much. It could exceed the prices offered by the physical stores that had to pay the rent and cover the costs of the employees.

With a little research, I got eCommerce business license from the Free zone of Dubai and opened a bank account. From there, I chose the products I wanted to sell, called the company and launched a eCommerce website development Dubai.

In the years since then, I learned that I can earn extra money not only by selling products in a physical store. Also, in the sale of those same products in an online store. Once the online store shows consistent income, I sell the company.

But it is a strange phenomenon: I am not selling any inventory. Basically, I'm selling a prefabricated website and the scoop on how to operate an online sales business.

If you have ever dreamed of having passive income or creating an additional income without any start-up costs, here we show you how you can start your own development in dubai for direct shipping. This way you will know how to earn extra money while you sleep.

How to earn extra money while sleeping or working 9-5

Choose a niche product

There is a lot of competition when you sell products online. And you will probably never beat the big stores of popular product search engines, such as supermarkets, televisions, etc. Nor can you exceed their prices.

It is important that you find a niche market. Whether you sell purple pens or offer furniture with a fashion figure, but specialize in something.

In this way your customers will know that you are perhaps the only one who sells what they are looking for. As a result, you can understand how to earn extra money while you dedicate your time to other things.

Choose the products you are interested in learning, speaking and writing, because you will need a lot of knowledge about the products you are selling.

Connect with wholesalers

The joy of an eCommerce business is to develop it with the drops hipping model. This way you will not require any inventory. It is the wholesaler who sends directly to the customer with the marking that he chooses.

The drop shipping is a variant of eCommerce website development company Dubai in which the traditional logistics has been transformed: the online store is responsible for managing customer service, billing, and the generation of databases, while the wholesale company stores, packages and Send the items in the name of online commerce.

However, it is important to find a respectable wholesale company that keeps products in stock and customer orders on time. Your company will only be as good as the wholesale company you choose, so do enough research to find one that suits your needs.

Create an eCommerce website

Buy the domain name and start the development of eCommerce website. Although you can hire professional digital agency in dubai to do it for you.

You may have to make changes to your eCommerce website in the future with little anticipation (if your wholesaler runs out of stock on an item or you want to make a sale at any given time). And you will save a lot of money and hassle if you can make those changes yourself.

The wholesaler is likely to provide the images of the products. But then, you must create detailed descriptions of the products so that buyers know exactly what they are buying. The more accurate the description, the less returns you will have.

How to earn extra money with good customer service

No matter how well you describe your products or how clearly you have the policies and conditions of the eCommerce website Dubai, customers will have questions. Therefore, you must decide how to offer customer service.

You can simply set up an email address and respond to customers whenever you can. You can also offer a phone number for people to call you.

A phone number may help to appear more respectable, but that means you need someone available to answer calls. A virtual assistant may be the best option.

Another option is to offer a live chat on the eCommerce website. Many customers are shy when calling, but wanting to chat online. A virtual assistant can also help with this, unless you are a freelancer who works from home and can answer chat questions during business hours.

You can do it and you know how to earn extra money in Dubai

Starting eCommerce web development dubai requires a good amount of time. But, with little or no initial cost, it can be profitable quickly. You just have to believe you can do it. In a few months, you will be earning more from your online store than you earn in your daily work. I must say that there is something inherently satisfying about waking up with an inbox full of orders and knowing that you just earned extra money while you slept.

Si3 is a web development and digital marketing agency based in Dubai established in 2008. Si3 focuses and build website design, ecommerce solutions, mobile applications and internet marketing
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