Top Software Testing Tools 2020

The ever-changing software delivery process calls for more robust software testing procedures and tools. In the Agile and DevOps environment, organizations ensure faster software delivery while focusing on quality. Test automation is the current talk of the town, has gained popularity amongst associations using Agile and DevOps methodologies. Software testing cannot work without good tools because they determine the quality of goods and if they're meeting customer expectations. With artificial intelligence (AI) being used in software testing tools, they offer advanced testing capabilities. Let's have a look at the top software testing tools this year 2020:

1. Kualitee:

Kualitee is a cloud-based software testing tool that provides a user-friendly interface for meeting all the testing needs. It assists in creating test scenarios, test cases and using these test cases for various projects. Kualitee supports both automatic and manual testing. Its integration with several other tools like Silenium, Jira, BitBucket and Jenkins helps testers in improving software quality. It's dashboard is completely functional and supports faster delivery. Kualitee offers various features like:


Evaluation management tool

Defect management tool

Automation testing

Project management

Mobile program

APIs, etc..

Kualitee's integrations make it possible for organizations to perform a number of activities from syncing defects to creating custom test and bug reports. It allows allows integrations with some of the most effective Continuous Integration tools. With the help of Kualitee you can collaborate with your own teams without missing on to anything that significant.

2. qTest:

QASymphony delivers a testing platform known as qTest for Agile and DevOps enterprises. It's a browser-based UI that facilitates testing activities including test management, automation, and reporting. It also provides integrations with other tools like Jira, Jenkins, etc..

3. PractiTest:

It's a test management tool that provides complete visibility into the testing process and deeper comprehension of the testing results. Additionally, it provides exceptional reporting features. 

4. Selenium:

Selenium is a popular open-source test automation tool that's the best option for regular testing activities. It uses the Selenium Webdriver automation framework that implements powerful automation tests. The majority of the organizations prefer Selenium because this tool works with various languages and can be integrated with almost all testing frameworks.

5. Katalon Studio:

Katalon Studio is an open-source test automation tool for both web and mobile based software applications. It works better than Selenium and offers enhanced features like object repository, object browser and spy plug-in. It can be integrated with tools such as Jira, Slack, Git, etc.. It comes with a free and paid version both for SMEs and partnerships support services.

6. Appium:

It is among the most popular open-source test automation tools for mobile programs. Appium is a top-most tool that is customizable and can be used according to each user's individual requirements.

7. Ranorex:

Ranorex Studio offers Ranorex that's an all-in-one GUI test automation tool for end-to-end testing for desktop, mobile and web application. It offers a intelligent object recognition feature that automatically detects any change in the user interface. Additionally, it provides integration with other tools and has a strong reporting feature. Its click-and-go feature is code-less and very easy for beginners.

8. Squish:

Squish is a popular name in the GUI test automation arena for all kinds of cross-platform desktop, mobile and web programs. It is known for its powerful IDE.

9. TestComplete:

SmartBear offers TestComplete that is a functional test automation tool. It allows software testers to create automated tests and it is regarded as among the simplest automation testing tools for implementing regression tests. With its easy and easy-to-use attributes, TestComplete reduces testing time and training costs.

10 SauceLabs

Sauce Labs provides the world's largest cloud-based platform for web and mobile applications automated testing. It is originally found by Selenium and helps organizations accelerate software development cycles, improve quality and deploy across various browsers and platforms.

11. Rainforestqa

Rainforest is a QA solution that automates the testing process and simplifies the execution of large and complex test suites with a simple API. It allows integrating QA procedures directly into the development cycles and generates fast and reliable results.

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