Step-By-Step Mobile Application Testing Process

Mobile Program usage has upsurged considerably in nearly all of the business areas be it Publishers, Healthcare Providers, Pharmaceuticals, Retailers, Universities, Schools, and more.

This ever-evolving use of mobile software has led the companies to focus on developing powerful mobile applications and analyzing it before it is launched in the target market.

Creating a mobile application with all the features inserted into it is not enough, demanding testing of it is required before introducing it in the industry so the delivered program works smoothly without any glitches. Thus cellular application testing process is crucial to the achievement of a program.

Steps Involved In Testing A Mobile Application?

Step 1- Planning and Preparation

When you are done with the development phase, you should identify what your program's goals are and what are the limitations. This measure entails the following activities:

  • Choose the target devices on which you're going to test the cell application.
  • Figure out the operational requirements.
  • Check out the following requirements:
  • Can the program work together with other programs?
  • Do all of the features exhibit proper functionality?
  • Have a look at if the program is Native, Hybrid, or Mobile-web?
  • When the app requires front-end as well as back-end testing?
  • How is the app load controlled?
  • Does the application is affected by a shift in the phone standing.
  • Make sure your testing staff is ready to execute the process.

Step 2- Classify Testing Types

In this stepwe identify various types of testing to be conducted for a particular mobile application. This includes practical, compatibility, compatibility, performance, or security testing on the target devices. Additionally, determine what kind of functional requirements should be tested.

Target devices can be selected by:

Identifying what kind of devices are supported by the program or recognizing the most typical models for the target users. Also, choosing devices with different display sizes.

Step 3- Preparation of Evaluation Case and Script Design

In this, test cases are created for each and every purpose of the program. Together with preparing operational test cases, some other exceptional cases should also be ready which includes Battery use, App speed, Information demands, and Performance.

Also, you should determine which combination of automation or manual testing you should execute. Make different sets for manual test cases and automated test scripts. Ascertain any reusable automation scripts and change them according to the necessities of the undertaking. See - How to write test cases effectively and efficiently.

Measure 4- Environment Setup for Testing

Download, install and configure the application on the testing apparatus to prepare the testing environment. Make sure the test edition of the program is established before starting with the actual testing.

Step 5- Manual and Automation Testing

This step involves executing manual test cases and automated test scripts on various devices, emulators or simulators. Now these manual test cases and automated test scripts have been run on the basic functionalities of this application to ensure there are no glitches.

Record the flaws detected in the defect management instrument and follow the life cycle as planned in the job.

Measure 6- Usability Testing or Beta Testing

Once the fundamental functions are tested in the application testing team, the usability of the application should be analyzed so as to make sure that it offers good user experience.

Thus, introduce the beta version of the application in the market. This will allow the beta testers to begin the usability testing to find any practical, usability, or content issues. Cross-platform matrix is maintained in this point to be certain that beta testers can achieve platform coverage.

Measure 7- Performance Testing

Normally, mobile applications have comparatively less apparatus memory and power so it's essential that applications must manage themselves efficiently. Thus the app performance can be analyzed by changing the system from 2G, 3G to WIFI.

Therefore, the responsiveness, scalability, and stability are analyzed in performance testing of a program .

Step 8- Security and Compliance Testing

In this phase, the program is tested to ensure that it is secure and protected and does not do any data leaks. This is accomplished by authenticating SQL injection, information dumps, session hijacking, or packet sniffing.

Step 9- Device Testing

In this phase, all the test cases and test scripts have been implemented in various apparatus identified through the cloud. The main objective of this step would be to achieve decent test policy pertaining to different devices, operating systems or versions of OS.

Step 10- Evaluation Summary Report

The test summary report contains the following advice:

• Chief information revealed by the tests conducted
• Quality of testing attempts and cellular application
• Information shown from incident reports
• Types of testing done and time consumed in each one of them

The report should also specify whether the program is suitable for use and fulfills all of the expectations of the end user.


By implementing all of the above steps, the direction will decide whether to launch the program on the current market or not. Although testing requires strict efforts, executing the testing measures for each app developed will definitely deliver a fully operational and effective program in the marketplace.

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