Enjoy the Low-Interest Rate on Fullerton Personal Loan

Enjoy the Low-Interest Rate on Fullerton Personal Loan

Most of the people go for the Fullerton personal loan. Want to know why? Let’s find it out together. Fullerton personal loan is a multipurpose loan, as it can be used for buying a house, to fund an unplanned trip or paying for an education or any other reason. As the collateral-free personal loan is always a better and safer option for an applicant. Fullerton personal loan offers repayment tenure, which starts from 1year to 5 years. A borrower can also take advantage of prepayment or part payment while taking a personal loan from the Fullerton.

Fullerton India comes with various benefits to the borrowers which makes it among the best personal loan lenders. From offering the high loan amount at a low rate of interest for flexible tenures to special customized offers. Fullerton tries to help people in the best way possible. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Fullerton personal loan:

  • High Loan Amount: Fullerton provides a high quantum of personal loans for all the eligible loan seekers. The maximum quantum of Personal Loan offered by Fullerton India is Rs.25 Lakhs (t&c apply). 

  • Competitive Rate of Interest: Fullerton India offers personal loans at a pocket-friendly rate of interest ensuring maximum benefit to the borrower. The personal loan rate of interest usually ranges between 12.99% to 40%, depending on the applicant profile that gets generated after factoring in the aforementioned details.

  • Easy Loan Accessibility: With a wide presence of the active branches in both the urban and rural regions, Fullerton makes sure easy loan accessibility.

  • Additional Benefits for the Existing Customers: Fullerton offers many of the special benefits for their existing clients for pre-approved personal loans. Since many people are associated with Fullerton and are using their commercial loan schemes or other financial products, they receive timely offers about pre-approved personal loans.

  • Easy Loan Application Processing: Fullerton personal loans are easy, and you can even apply with an online loan application. The loan process is easy, simple and includes minimal documentation and quick loan disbursal. 

  • Instant Loan Approval: Those days are gone when a borrower has to make multiple visits but now with Fullerton, they can easily apply online for a personal loan. The online personal loan application involved a few working days for loan approval for the eligible applicants.

  • Periodic Offers: Fullerton offers attractive seasonal discounts on the rate of interest and processing fees during festival season and from time to time.

Fullerton Personal Loan Interest Rate

This massive demand for personal loans has emerged various lenders and Fullerton is among the prominent ones. Fullerton offers a wide range of financial products and a personal loan is one of the most preferred financial products. 


That being said, one cannot deny the fact that a personal loan is a debt that pulls interest that needs to be repaid efficiently. The interest rate of the Fullerton personal loan interest rate starts at 12.99% for the salaried applicants. The availed personal loan from Fullerton can be used for many purposes like medical treatments in case of emergencies, paying the additional debts, wedding expenses, and to meet the other personal financial requirements.       


Few factors are depending upon the personal loan interest rates keep fluctuating. Moreover, it widely differs from one lender to another. Let take a look:


1. Income

The income of an individual majorly affects personal loan interest rates. Generally, a high-salaried individual is at a safer bet while availing a personal loan. As the chances of timely repaying the loan amount are higher in the case of high salaried people.

2. The Repayment History

The repayment history plays a significant role in determining the personal loan rate of interest. Typically, it serves as a validation of the past financial records of loans and credit cards. When an individual makes a payment on the previous loan, additional points are added upon the current score. Therefore, try to make it a point to have a clean slate in the case of repayment history. A good credit score ensures a low rate of interest, which eventually allows saving more money.

3. Organization

The credibility of an organization ensures a good deal of personal loans. When an individual works for a reputed company, he/she is more considerate towards the timely EMI payments. A loan seeker can utilize the online available personal loan EMI calculator to obtain the estimated EMI amount.

4. Nature of Employment 

An individual employment nature also determines the personal loan rate of interest. Generally, a great difference has been seen between the offered interest rates to a salaried employee and a self-employed entrepreneur.

5. Customer Relationship

Another important factor that affects the personal loan interest rate is the relationship with the personal loan lender. If the borrower been an existing loyal customer with a good repayment record, the loan lender might grant some extra perks and offers. The healthy relation with the provider can determine the interest rate on a personal loan. Mostly, customers with an existing account or credit card receive special schemes and offers.


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Nice to hear the Fullerton loans are easily accessible. However, I would like to know if Fullerton can provide loans for customers willing to construct patios on their premises without collateral?

Nice to hear the Fullerton loans are easily accessible. However, I would like to know if Fullerton can provide loans for customers willing to construct patios on their premises without collateral?, Fastest Growing Classifieds Marketplace, #1 Free Classifieds Marketplace
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