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What is a certified translation?
A translation that incorporates the idea of accuracy, such that the translation provided is an exact representation of the original document. The notion of accuracy is further emboldened by incorporation of a certificate of accuracy – which certifies that the translation integrates the content of the original text. These types of translations are known as certified document translation services

What is a certificate of accuracy?
The certificate of accuracy is provided by a qualified translator who is usually a member of a governing body. Countries have a set of criteria on what is acceptable as a certificate of accuracy. A certificate of accuracy should usually incorporate a statement on qualifications of translators, a statement affirming the completeness and accuracy of translations, identification of the translated certificate, and name and signature of translator along with the date. 

1. American translators association / ATA: A translation can be certified by anyone in the US, however, translations from members of ATA (or American Translators Association) is considered to be the industry standard. ATA is an association – the largest – of translators and interpreters in the United States. Such translations are at excellent certainty of being accepted by the end-user (for example USCIS – requiring USCIS certified translation).
2. National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd. (or NAATI): It is an Australian accreditation organization for translators and interpreters. Certified translations for Australian immigration are provided by NAATI certified translators.
3. Sworn translators: Civil law countries like Germany, France, and Spain require translation from sworn translators who are appointed by relevant government bodies. For example, Traductor Jurado (literally sworn translators) are court-appointed translators responsible for translating and providing a certificate of accuracy in Spain. 

What documents require a certificate of accuracy with translation?

1. Certificates – birth certificate translation services , death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, academic translations, diploma certificate
2. Medical record translation, passport translations
3. Warrants, treaties, extraditions
4. Financial documents, investment statements, and letters
5. Letters of invitations for foreign travel
6. Oaths (affidavits, statutory statements), and contracts

What is Notarization? 
Notarized translation is a translation that has been notarized. A notary (a person appointed by law) provides a seal of notarization on the certificate of accuracy guaranteeing (lawfully) that the translator is who they say they are. A notary doesn’t provide translations. 
Where to get certified translation services?
And the answer is – Online translation services. Whether you are migrating to the US and want to get your vital registrations translated or you want your academic certificates translated from cheap certified translation services online translation services have a solution for all your quandaries. Since the process is online you can get translations while enjoying the canopy of your backyard. Also, online translations support hundreds of languages such that translating from and into mundane or esoteric languages is not a problem. 

Online certificate translation services also provide a certificate of accuracy on the go. We harbor thousands of registered language service providers who also provide a certificate of accuracy such that your US immigration process will not go amiss. Online services also incorporate the ideals of any translation business – accuracy, cost-effectiveness, service, and lightning-fast turnovers. Translation services well and truly incorporate the notion behind “everything under a single roof”.

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