Top Web Design Trends That Are Going To Rule in 2020
Top Web Design Trends That Are Going To Rule in 2020

2020 is almost knocking on the door. So, if you are thinking of getting a business website or revamping the existing one, this is the time to sort out your plan. To make sure your business website stands out in this vying business market, you have to implement the ongoing popular web design trends on it. 

The interesting fact about web design trends is that it is constantly changing. What is trending today might become obsolete tomorrow. Hence, to make sure your business website never becomes out of date, you always have to cope up with what is trending today. 

So, which web design trends you should follow in 2020? Here is the list.

  1. Dark Mode

The latest Android version got dark mode. Even the iOS platform has the dark mode. Now, experts think that dark mode is going to prevail in the web design field as well. 

It not only looks uber cool and modern but this mode is easy on the eyes as well. Moreover, it makes the design elements and other colors to pop! According to experts, for OLED screen, dark themes are always a better choice as it extends the screen lifespans and saves power. It adds an aesthetic feel to the website.

So, dark mode is definitely going to be one of the coolest trends to follow in web design in the coming years. 


  1. Immersive 3D Design Elements

People always get delighted with 3D visuals. And this year, it is expected that 3D technology will be used more in interaction design and graphic design. Interactive 3D designs make sure visitors stay longer on your website. So, bridging the gap between reality and digital space is something that we are going to experience in the web design field. 

  1. Abstract Illustrations



To make a brand stand out, abstract illustrations are going to be used a lot this year. In 2019, we witnessed a lot of big names in the industry like Shopify, Google, MailChimp, etc. introduced their visual illustrations. So, it is expected that in 2020, this is going to be embraced by more and more businesses and going to be the next norm! 

However, it is important to make sure that the target audience can actually interpret your illustration and understand what you are trying to portray. So, it is better not to make it so abstract that no one can understand it!


  1. Use of Geometric Shapes

Even though geometric shapes are pretty simple yet these are powerful enough to help the web designers create intriguing visual compositions. If used in an interesting and creative way, these shapes can bring wonders to web design. 




To convey a specific feel and give your web design a futuristic look, these geometric shapes can be a great addition!


  1. Bold Fonts

There is nothing new about the “hero headlines” in web design. However, the difference is how you are designing it. Experts say that in 2020, we are going to see large bold fonts being used more frequently. 

Large bold fonts can successfully grab visitor’s attention. Use it properly in web design where you want your visitors to look first when they visit your website. Also, with it, you can put more visual weight to any message you want to convey. If you consider from the aesthetic viewpoint, bold fonts make a design look modern and gives a contemporary feel. 


Even though using bold fonts is trending now, it is better not to overuse it. If you are not sure how and where to use it, get in touch with a professional web design firm that can assist you to get the best looking and seamlessly functional website. 


  1. Outlined Typography



Source: The Next Web


This is another emerging trend in the web design field. Today, on the web, being typographically distinctive has become imperative. And outlined typography helps you to stand out in the crowd. If used properly, it can give your web design an aesthetic feel that visitors like.

The other web design 2020 trends include


  • Mixing photography with graphics

  • Solid frames with white space

  • Glowing and luminous color schemes

  • Ultra minimalist navigation

  • Data visualization

  • Emotional design, and more.

So, follow the best web design practices and craft a stellar business website this year. 

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