How To Efficiently Choose A 55 Plus Active Adult Community in 2020
How To Efficiently Choose A 55 Plus Active Adult Community in 2020

Douglasville active adult communitiesare designed for people who want to maintain an active lifestyle, but also enjoy the benefits of 24/7 professional care. Also known as age-restricted communities, these establishments range from small, apartment complexes in city centers, to large tracts of single-family homes built around a golf course. They also range from basic communities, offering only minimal services, to luxurious, full-service, gated communities. There's a growing interest in active adult communities in PA, and people are seeking them well before reaching the age of 55. 

But how can you choose a good 55 plus active adult community? As stated before, the options are numerous, but here's a quick guide that can help you:

Your Budget – What Can You Afford?

As discussed above, active adult communities vary a lot when it comes to services and amenities provided. You can get anything from basic services to full services, depending on your budget. The community fees can vary from several hundred dollars per month to several thousand, depending on multiple factors. Some communities also have private restaurants, spa centers, convention centers and other types of entertainment – the fees don't include these services. You will need to budget separately for those. The fees, however, include lawn care, snow removal, clubhouse, and pool access or health care. Talk to a financial planner or contact the communities to learn more about their prices. You will definitely find one that fits your budget.

Is It An Active Community?

You want to join an active adult community because it's active, right? But how active - thatis the real question. Some Douglasville active adult communities are really active and have activities every week, have a large clubhouse, a pool, sports centers, and trips. Others, are not so active and will rarely organize outdoor or sports events. Always pay attention to how the activities are structured in an active adult community – they vary a lot depending on the community. If you want to stay active, choose one that really focuses on activity.

There are a lot of active adult communities in PA focused on a specific niche. For instance, LGBT communities are already on the market, as well as artist communities. Make sure you check these niche communities as well if you feel like they are the right fit for you.

Staying There Long Term – Is It Possible?

Staying in an active adult community is fun while you are still physically able to be active and can take care of yourself properly. Staying long term, however, can be problematic if your needs change. Unfortunately, as we get older, we can no longer stay as active as we would like and our needs change significantly. Ideally, you should be able to remain as active and as independent as possible for a long time. However, this is not always possible.

If you want to stay for longer periods of time in an active adult community, try to select a community that can also handle the needs of older people, who have limited mobility. Look for a community that has features like no-step entries, wider doorways, hallways, and single-floor living. These are very important for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

The Surrounding Area – Do You Like It?

Even if you live in an active adult community with plenty of organized activities, you will want to leave the grounds once in a while. Is the surrounding area attractive? Do you like it? Does it offer attractive opportunities for more activities? Make sure the surrounding area also has a shopping area (a mall would be great), a place to see a show (a cinema or a theater) and easy access to other types of events, like concerts, sports events or other types of events that you may be interested in. Always choose an active adult community that lets you enjoy the surrounding area as well.

Also, if traveling is something important for you, consider a community with a nearby airport that offers easy connections. This is very important if you want to visit family and friends or if you want to receive guests from other cities. The data also suggests that people who are over 55 years old often retire in different states (about 40 percent of retirees live in a different state according to a recent survey). There are many reasons behind this move, for instance, retirees look for warmer climates, require an area with a lower cost of living or want to live close to their relatives. Also, they want an area that allows multiple activities with great amenities for outdoor events or trips (this is why some seniors choose mountainous areas).

Prioritize Your Needs And Wants

What exactly do you want from your active adult community? Do you have any special activities in mind? Do you want to play golf or tennis? Do you want to swim? Try to answer these questions before making the final choice. Most Douglasville active adult communities provide all these services, but some don't. Make sure you choose one that fits your needs and lets you enjoy the activities you want. Also, think about the other types of services including spas, entertainment centers, shopping areas, restaurants, special events and so on. Everything matters, especially if you want to spend years in one location.

Make a list of your favorite communities

Try to create a list with theactive adult communities in PAyou like. Browse them online and see what they offer, contact them and discuss pricing and special offers. Take notes and pay attention to the positives and negatives for each community. Add or remove communities depending on your needs and create the final shortlist. As soon as you have the list (it should include 3 to 5 communities), make appointments and visit them. Be sure to allow plenty of time for each visit and see for yourself how the community looks and if it is a good fit for you. Ask questions and pay attention to every detail.


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