5 Home Repairs You Can DIY

5 Home Repairs You Can DIY

Owning a home is a dream come true, but it's not all about relaxing weekends while reading a book or watching telly. To keep your home safe, you must commit to it by regularly maintaining it inside and out. We all know how costly repairs can be and we must agree that sometimes they are necessary. But there are things around the house you can repair by yourself. 

Many people think that fixing things require special skill. And they are right! However, some things don't require special tools, they can be done with minimum effort,  and little to no funds invested. So roll up your sleeves and learn these DIY home repairs.

1. Wall painting

Whether you want to paint a room, a whole house or a tiny smudge on the wall, nothing improves the appearance like freshly painted walls. It’s a part of maintenance every homeowner should do once in a while. 

Before painting a perfect wall, make sure you've prepped your space. That means moving the furniture out of the way, removing curtain rods and door hinges, covering your floors, etc. Clean your walls with a dry cloth to remove grease, and you’re ready to paint your walls like a pro.

2.Unclogging a toilet

Nobody likes to do the “dirty jobs” but as a homeowner, sometimes it’ll be necessary to fix minor issues with your toilet. These can be quite stressful as they usually include some kind of urgency or emergency.

The last thing you need to do is panic, so try to stay levelheaded and determine the cause of the clog. It could be a foreign object that ended up in there by accident. In that case, you have two options- putting on some sturdy gloves and go "fishing" for the object in the toilet, or you could wait for the level of water inside to normalize and pour the bucket of water in the toilet. This kind of pressure will move the clog and clean the path. If that doesn’t work you could always use a plunger to unblock it. However, not all households have a plunger, so try finding other ways you can unclog your toilet without a plunger. If none of those work, as the last resort, try uninstalling your toilet and see where the problem lies.

3. Replace leaking faucets

Every household at least once had an annoying leaky tap. Not only does the dripping get on your nerves, but also it wastes huge amounts of water- sometimes enough to fill a whole swimming pool! So instead of wasting money on the water you didn’t even use, replace that tap.

The process is quite simple, and it depends on the type of faucet you have. The first step is turning off the water to the faucet completely. Then start by unscrewing the faucet and valve stem, and remove it from the housing. Place a new faucet and screw pieces back to place. Ta-da! 

4. Dishwasher repairs

Dishwashers can be hard and annoying to maintain, but most of them don’t require special skills and tools. You don't always have to spend large amounts of money on professionals when you can invest little to no money and time fixing it yourself.

One of the most common problems regarding dishwasher is a lower spray arm. Water could be spraying widely, or not at all, missing the dishes or even leaking through the door. The procedure is easy, remove the bottom dishrack and you’ll see the faulty part attached to the pump. Remove it and replace it from one of the Omega dishwasher parts. You’ll surely find the one that fits your model. 

5. Repairing doors

What could possibly be wrong with the door? Actually, many things! Doors are the victims of seasonal changes which can lead to squeaky noise. 

Oxidization, binding, and sticking can all be the causes of the squeaks. Luckily, you can deal with that easily. Cover the floor beneath the door to protect it, and apply oil to the hinges. After the first few drops, open and close the door to let the oil get to the moving parts of the hinge. If it still squeaks, repeat the process.


As you can see, you don’t have to be an expert to fix things around the house. Repairing can be fun and easy especially if you follow the instructions right.  You don't even have to invest too much time and money. The only thing you need is goodwill and patience.


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