Preparing For Job Interviews In The UAE Market

Preparing For Job Interviews In The UAE Market

Preparing for a job interview in UAE this week? Do you have a meeting scheduled in the next few days? Let us explore a few tips to find new jobs in UAE. Be it any domain this country has some of the hot jobs in the world. At the same time, you need to be aware that there are a lot of people who are looking for jobs in the UAE. You have to be well equipped with suitable skills in order to crack the job at the first attempt.

Keep track of the important questions

A few important questions are there that every viable employee wants to know. They ask the job seekers on what motivated them to pick up a job in UAE. If you are an ex-pat who is looking for a job in UAE then expect this question in the first or second round of the interview itself. To be honest conduct a detailed analysis on how a career analysis would help you find jobs in UAE. You can discuss career goals and where you are looking to find yourself in the next 5 years. On the basis of your CV highlighting your current and expected future assignments.

Look for job opportunities in the local newspapers

The local classifieds in the premier newspapers in UAE highlight the local job opportunities. You need to go through them on a daily basis to track down potential job vacancies.  No point in leaving your job hunting behind if you are not successful in the first two attempts. The country is never going to disappoint. Just take into consideration that UAE is a market where they are numerous opportunities and you would not be disappointed.

Dress properly

You need to dress for success when you are appearing for a job interview in the UAE. The way you dress speaks volumes about your personality. Once for the interview, you need to dress properly in proper attire. In the first round, the attire formulates an impression.

Showcase your skills

One of the areas in your resume craving for a lot of attention is the skills section. Here in this section, you need to focus on skills that are of utmost importance for a recruiter who is looking to hire you. Most people go on to list their skills, but some go a step further.

Your skills need to be backed up with proof. Rather than saying that with the help of a new marketing technique how you helped your company to increase sales, it would be better to say how much sales increased. This is a sure-shot formula as the metrics is bound to impress the recruiters. When you use a metric the recruiter feels that they can expect the same performance at your end.

Obtain directions and be there on time

A sensible decision would be to reach the interview on time and preferably a few minutes before the interview. It conveys a positive impression about your sense of punctuality. On your mobile phone with the help of traffic based apps, you can avoid the roads having congestion to reach the venue on time.

Stay away from agencies asking for interview fees

Stay away from any agency that asks for interview fees. A reliable placement agency is never going to ask you any charges. If you stumble upon any job opening you can always get in touch with the HR department.  Then authentic information about the job description and even the opening would be provided.

Last if the employee offers you an employment opportunity always ask for the formal offer letter before committing the job role. Even it is suggested that you obtain an employment visa as working on a visit visa would land you in big trouble.

 better to say how much sales increased. This is a sure-shot formula as the metrics is bound to impress the recruiters. When you use a metric the recruiter feels that they can expect the same performance at your end.

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