Vaastu Tips You Should Keep In Mind While Buying Any Apartment

This Indian architectural science of the Vastu Shastra has been the way of identifying the places which can be the best for living. The Vaastu- compliant homes and plots help the people to live their particular lives with more health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. This ancient practice has become popular in the real estate business, as people want to stay in plots which are the best structures for residential and commercial activities.

Vaastu for entrance
When you sit to evaluate the design plan of your flat or apartment, the first and the most important thing you should discuss is the entrance. There should always be a good entrance for any plot. The entrance holds the maximum importance for showering happiness and prosperity for any family.

On the contrary to that, it is believed that if anyone builds the entrance on the north side, then you can expect some great success in business and monetary matters. And also you can expect success in your career. There are many service providers of Vaastu consultancy in India that can help with what you need in mind while buying your property.

Analysis of the Panchtattva or the five elements-
All the living spaces are typically divided into a total of 16 zones. Each zone has a central element corresponding to it which affects various other aspects of our life. For example, the element of the north zone is water and the main attributes of the north zone are growth, wealth, career, money, etc. Same way, if there is an imbalance in this particular zone, it leaves a direct impact on business, career, wealth, etc. of the people.

In the same way, the south zone has fire as it’s the main element, which has its main attributes as relaxation and sleep. So if there is an imbalance created in the South Zone, the person's mind and his mental health will be affected. Therefore, people should have a visit to any Vaastu consultancy in India, before deciding any of the Vaastu compliant things.

Vaastu for deciding the room direction-
The correct location of the room will ensure how much you are going to benefit from a particular room. Each room has its own positive and negative effect, depending on which zone the room is located. The positive or negative impact affects the lives of the people staying in that room.

For example, if you want to strengthen and develop social connections, then it is good to have a living room in the east zone. On the contrary to that, according to the Vaastu, you should not have a bedroom between, southeast and east zone, as sleeping in any of these zones can result in disagreements with your husband or wife and also inverse your anxiety level.

Also, one should try to avoid building the toilet or the washroom between the north and the northeast zones of the house. That can severely result in deteriorating the health and immunity of the people who are living in the house. Building a toilet in that zone can severely affect the family member’s health and freedom. For kitchens too, you should keep in mind that building a kitchen in the southwest and northeast zones can be bad for the family, whereas the southeast zone is the ideal zone for building the kitchen.

One must always visit a Vaastu consultancy in India, before building a house.

What should one do if they have already bought a property?
If you have already bought a property or even paid the amount for the booking, in such a case, you can visit a Vaastu consultancy in India, and do some simple yet effective Vaastu remedies. Some use of shapes, colors, metals, lights, and symbols work effectively.

These were some of the Vaastu tips which can further help you when you plan to buy your own apartment/flat or even building your house.

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