Enter as many writing contests as possible to sharpen your writing skills
Enter as many writing contests as possible to sharpen your writing skills


If the passion for expressing feelings and thoughts in words, on the paper is what is your calling, then sending in your entries and written contents to writing contests is an effective way to learn. Contests and writing competitions provide a full-bodied platform for new and budding talented writers to test the waters, prepare themselves for the challenges of choosing writing as a full-time job, and get recognition in the reader community.

How to choose the right writing contest online?

  • Review and research if the contested match your niche, your writing style, and your preference.

  • Check if the contest organizers and the website have credibility in the contest market.

  • Look for safety features so that you do not fall into a trap. Submission of your contents at a site that is dubious will result in circulation of your content in a plagiarized format, without your prior consent or without you being paid any royalty.

  • Also, you need to check if the contest is a free or a paid one. Free contests are good for beginners because resources can be an issue when you are just starting. However, they could be a bit suspicious too and you would want to read a bit about the organizers beforehand. Paid writing contests are great for writers who are already established and are on their way to become full-time writers. It may be expensive but there is a certain level of security here.

Writing competitions are a way to outlet your emotions and thoughts

Yes, that is true. The more you write, the more your skill will get horned. Just like a knife or a razor that gets sharper when it is grazed on a stone. Similarly, you need to vent out your innermost thoughts as much as possible. When you write, you get used to different styles of story writing. This also gives you the opportunity to find your specialization, your niche.

Writing contests are of different types. From the short format to the long format, from a 50-letter story to non-fiction writing, there are many such domains where you can gain mastery. The flow of words, use of presentation styles and so much more gives you the scope to outlet your creativity and imagination.

Writers need to work hard – need to create their own comfortable ambiance. But most of all they need to reach out to their potential readers. The way to tap your readership and impress the audiences is to write well and forcefully. Participating in writing competitions helps you reach out to the reader community fast because your writings are judged by the entire community, and specialized judges. If you are writing really well, and your writings are influential, then it will create a channel into the heart of the reader. And the next time onwards, the readers will await your writing with even more curiosity and eagerness.

As mentioned, when you submit your entries in writing contests you open a world of opportunities for yourself. This can be your key to a future worth dreaming for and living for!

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