How Your Gender Influences You and Society's Expectations of You

How Your Gender Influences You and Society


Gender is something that influences a person in his/her early life. Being female or male determines one’s social position in any society. When a baby is born, the society rejoices and welcomes it. The surrounding people already know their gender position. However, the child remains innocent with no idea of how society defines his/her roles. The child, therefore, has to struggle to identify his/her social position and other aspects of society related to gender.

I experienced a hard struggle to identify my social position. I originate from different races, my father being an Asian and my mother – an American. This occurrence affected my early childhood as I could not establish my race. I did not know whether the race of a child is determined by the paternal or maternal side. I could hear a lot being said by others about race, ethnicity, and culture. Every ethnicity, race, and culture differed in matters about gender and other social learning. Being a female, I realized that the female role was defined differently from those of men that made my delicate mind greatly confused.

In light of the above issues, some factors finally led me to the realization of my social gender roles as per what my community demanded. Social learning played an important role in my development as a child. There was an inner feeling that made me learn most things as per the way people talked, behaved, and solved issues. The feeling was further strengthened by social learning. The learning was based on the advice from the elderly concerning how things ought to be done. As a girl, I could find myself mostly tied with household chores helping my mother. I understood the roles of a girl child in that manner, and with time, I started gaining self-esteem.

Other theories of gender development played minimal roles in my life later on. I got to know a few things about psychodynamics, cognitive behavior, and standpoint theories. A person’s psychology can tell what they were born to be without necessarily seeking help from society. Psychology will simply associate you with the issues that your gender implies. The study of behavior will tell where your position is in your society. Not all behaviors linked to the male gender are the same as those expected of the female gender. The mode of dressing, talking, and playing can establish clearly where one fits. Standpoint theory focuses only on the feminism. It states that the standpoint of women should be taught by women themselves or groups of women. Women stand to make women experience better than men. All these theories tend to make gender issues clear for people, especially those who faced gender issues in early childhood.

I tend to fit gender roles established in our society. Whether a role fits me or not depends on my age. Social learning played a big part in my early gender development because it was the only available and useful method at that period. The rest of the methods have become useful with time as I have encountered then in learning places. They have become more meaningful for me because of the contribution they make to my everyday life.

In conclusion, one is finally able to understand that gender is one of the most important things in developing social identity and self-esteem. The way society values a male or a female child affects their growth. It is, therefore, the responsibility of family members to ensure that they educate their young ones well so that they can grow within their society with pride. This cognitive article was written by Betty Bove, a writer at 

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