Best Practices in Web Application Testing
Best Practices in Web Application Testing

Nowadays, many businesses opt for responsive website design to make their web programs provide a richer user experience on each device. The new approach requires developers to create websites responsive by employing open web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Currently, old versions of specific web browsers don't encourage HTML5 fully. So the testers need to check the way the app performs on both current and older versions of major browsers. They can even use specialized automation tools to check the program across several browsers fast and efficiently. 

Evaluation Each Crucial Element of an Internet Application

While studying a web application, QA professionals often focus on their attributes, functionality, and performance. However, a company should ask the testers to evaluate each important element of the site in addition to its performance. The comprehensive web application testing will produce the website to deliver richer user experience over a longer period of time.


Assess the Application's Performance under Various Conditions


Along with assessing the stability of the site's functionality, the testers also need to make sure that it does not crash under heavy load. Occasionally minor defects in its code or design also have an impact on the website's performance adversely. So the testers must assess the functioning of the program under an assortment of loads to assess the way that it caters to a large number of visitors. They are even able to utilize open-source load testing applications to rate the functioning of the application under varying load on the server efficiently.



Don't Forget to Check HTTP Traffic


While testing a web program, businesses often forget the importance of analyzing internet traffic. When the testers check the HTTP traffic entirely from the browsers to the server, it becomes easier for them to evaluate each request and response precisely. In the same period, the HTTP traffic analysis permits them to examine Google Analytics tags and similar third-party tracking tags used from the webpage. The testers can additionally use technical tools to ensure each tracking tag incorporates correct values, and the third-party systems react to the consumer requests quickly and correctly.

Test the Internet Services Independently


Nowadays, many web applications utilize many different internet services. But the company needs to ensure that the web services used by the software are analyzed independently, and as isolated components. The testers must examine the services until they are integrated with the program. The option will permit them to test the web services more quickly while exercising better control over their functionality. Also, the testers can send a variety of requests to the web browser directly and assess its own functionality without using a web browser.


The business must focus on both the usability and user experience of internet applications to keep the traffic engaged and convert them to clients. But, it's also essential for the testers to rate the efficacy of the applications based on the most suitable parameters. The business must clearly define the critical criterions for performing usability testing. At the same time, the company also has to pick numerous crucial measures such as user interface design, speed, functionality, readability of articles, accessibility, and navigability. Likewise, it must request the testers to ascertain the amount of time demanded by a user to perform specific tasks.


A business always has the choice to automate its testing efforts to assess the appearance rapidly, feel, usability, and performance of the net application across many web browsers. But, besides, it needs to concentrate on the growth, maintenance, and reusability of automated tests to test the often changing front-end of the internet application more efficiently.

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