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Learn to drive to is a fun thing to do, but driving itself is an amazing experience that everyone wants to feel and experience it. But not everybody does it right, and you need to follow the rules and need expertise first to go on the road. Driving in a very responsible thing to do, not only for you but also for those who are on reading with you in your car and also around in your car. If you already know about the basics of driving, then there are some tips that you need to follow to make yourself a good driver. 

          1. Do not Overspeed:

Remember that, do not ever over speed the car. Always go slow as you can go, drive, and follow the rules of speeding. Before going on road familiar with speeding.

          2. Maintain the distance:

You have to keep the minimal distance for the other vehicles that are moving in front of you. You might be a safe driver and follow all the rules you need to, but it does not mean everybody does have the experiences like you. So keep your self safe from any incident. the best option to keep secure and safe yourself is to drive defensively rather than aggressive.

          3. Do not make noise:

Horns are the hare in the cars just for alerting the drivers around you; that does not means make noise on the road and frustrate yourself and around you. Keep calm and drive responsibly.

          4. Keep calm while driving:

Do not let your mood hijack your mind, especially when you are a beginner. Drive-in anger should not force you to drive fast and good mood, not affect your mind to drive slowly and responsibly. Despite of having moods while driving, always stay calm and drive like a professional and responsible person.

There are some tips that I personly recommended to you, as I also a driver and I noticed these things a lot. You can say that these are my personal experiences that I’ve learned. Now let's talk about the car, well there are two types of cars (in order to transmission), one is automatic and second is manual.

          5. Know your gear shift:

Whether you are driving a manual car or an automatic car, there is a lever that called gear shifter. It used to reverse, forward and change the gear of the car.  The auto car has multiple options in its gear shifter like P(park), N(natural), R(reverse), D(drive). But the manual car has gears like 1,2,3,N(natural),4,5,6,R(reverse).

If you are willing to drive a car and want to learn to drive, then you should choose the best car driving school in Melbourne. You can find many that are best and provide you the services that you need. Always go for the school that has the expert teachers in their school.

So first you have to decide which kind of car you want and drive, the auto one or the manual one. Automatic cars are very common on the road nowadays. Because they are easy to get and very easy to drive and handle. But If you are a newbie and want to learn to drive, then I reminded you to go first for the manual one. Because you can learn better to control a car, after learning the manual car, you can almost drive any car, whether it's manual or automatic; you can drive it like a professional.

For this purpose, you have to go for the manual driving school, go out, and found a better driving school that has numbers of teachers who are experts in their work. Or you can check out online.

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