Know why Mobile Insurance is Important for iPhone Users

According to reports from last year, iPhone was about to cross the brink of 10 million users in India. With that statistic reached by now, Apple is one of the major players in the Indian market. Not that it has much direct competition with its premium services and fast functioning, its sensitive nature makes the maintenance a big issue. This is where phone insurance India is so vital.

Each Apple smartphone offers a standard warranty, protecting the user against faulty software or hardware on purchase of these phones. However, this warranty is not sufficient when it comes to safeguarding your iPhone. Listed below are some reasons why purchasing a mobile insurance plan will benefit you greatly.

1. Screen damage is common

Even though the screens in higher variant iPhones come with added protection, it is still nit damage proof. If by chance, a user drops his or her iPhone on a hard surface, there are chances of cracks or some other form of damage to the screen. Even minor impacts can lead to major damage to the screen of an iPhone.

Mobile Screen Insurance policy offered by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions can help initiate repairs in the case of such damages.

2. Screen replacements are expensive

While screen replacement for any phone is pricy, it is more so for Apple’s devices. The company charges exorbitant sums to repair or replace your phone’s screen in the event of cracks or breakage. You can avoid paying these substantial amounts by opting for a suitable insurance plan for the phone as soon as you purchase it.

3. Screen cracks can lead to internal issues for the device

Many individuals without phone insurance India feel that a few cracks on the screen surface do not hamper the device’s functionality. However, this is not true. These cracks can expose the internal components of your iPhone to moisture and dirt, both of which can be detrimental to an iPhone.

Therefore, using the device with a cracked screen can hamper its durability. The best way to initiate repairs soon is to opt for an insurance plan that adequately covers the cost of these repairs or replacements.

4. Protection for phone’s accessories

Besides offering protection to a mobile’s screen, many insurance policies provide additional cover to some of your phone’s accessories as well. For instance, Mobile Charger Insurance policy from Bajaj Finserv leads to a quick resolution of problems to your device’s charger.

What to look for in a mobile insurance plan

Now that you know why you require insurance cover for your iPhone, here are some pointers for choosing a policy.

  • Low premium and high coverage – Ensure you pick a plan that offers the maximum cover possible, but at minimal yearly premium rates. This will let you minimise your costs while also ensuring the best possible protection for your valued iPhone.

  • Theft cover – Smartphone burglary has become very common today, especially if the device concerned is an iPhone. Your insurance plans should cover such thefts, allowing you to recover some, or the majority of your loss in case the phone is stolen.

  • Complete screen replacement – The best mobile screen insurance plans allow effective replacements for your handset’s screen to get rid of scratches and cracks over the screen surface.

  • Protection for accessories – Bajaj Finserv offers Wireless Headphone Insurance under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. These additions are vital, as they protect not just the handset but accompanying accessories. iPhones come with wireless earphones are costly and difficult to replace in case of damage. Consequently, it is advisable to have such policies in effect to avoid unforeseen financial burdens.

The best mobile phone insurance policies can effectively protect your asset from all types of damage, ensuring the phone lasts in pristine condition for at least a year from the date of purchase. Additionally, proper maintenance also ensures that its performance is maintained at an optimum level.

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