5 Signs You Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment

5 Signs You Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression, put you at a higher risk of developing an addiction. When that happens, it turns into a co-occurring disorder, which is a term used to describe a condition wherein the patient suffers from both addiction and mental illness. You need to treat both disorders, though, if you want to have a shot at a successful recovery. If you check into a program that only addresses your addiction problems, you’ll find your progress delayed or even compromised by your worsening depression or anxiety. Here are five signs that you need to start looking for a dual diagnosis rehab facility for treatment.

Youve Been Diagnosed

If a qualified counselor or doctor tells you that you have substance abuse issues and a mental health disorder, don’t think about treating one condition over the other first. Some think they could treat the addiction first and get their mental disorder treated once the first has been sorted out. But that approach isn’t effective. You need integrated treatment that resolves both conditions at the same time, the Addiction Blog says.

You Have Symptoms

If you have extreme mood swings, suffer from suicidal thoughts, and hear voices even when you aren’t high, those signs that your mental disorder has worsened to the point that you’re having hallucinations. You need to get those symptoms treated. Dual diagnosis treatments provide specialized care that decreases your cravings while helping you manage the symptoms of your mental disorder.

Your Rehab Isnt Working

If the drug rehab program isn’t working for you, that could be because you've gone for the standard program or one that used a cookie-cutter care plan. That’s one of the reasons why rehab programs aren’t successful. The care plan needs to be tailored to the needs of the patient to be effective. That’s why you should seek out the right addiction recovery facility. Pick one that has the resources to provide dual diagnosis treatments.

Youve Been Diagnosed Before

If you have been diagnosed with mental health disorders previously, that makes you more likely to develop an addiction problem. That condition could act up and could be a contributing factor in your decision to use drugs, especially if you didn’t take any steps to deal with the problem fully. Now that you are also using drugs, your mental illness will only get worse. Before you escalate to violent and destructive behaviors due to worsening symptoms of your mental health disorder, seek out help. The sooner you receive proper treatment, the sooner you can achieve sobriety.

Your Family is the Same

A person’s genetic makeup also contributes to co-occurring conditions. If your family has a history of mental health problems or substance abuse problems, that makes you more prone to develop the same conditions. From unhealthy coping skills to destructive habits, you’ll be more likely to exhibit them. That doesn’t mean having mentally ill relatives automatically makes you one. But exposure to these at such an early age shape your consciousness and make you predisposed to addiction, the Mental Help says.

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