How To Create Your Own Blockchain?
How To Create Your Own Blockchain?

Before we say goodbye to 2019, it wouldn’t trouble to look back at the departing year in order to reflect on the most important thing. History is a very good teacher and by considering the trends of the past couple of years we have a chance to hear about the blockchain all the time, but we don’t hear more much when it comes to details. We know that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others use blockchain technology, but we don’t frequently hear about the other uses.

The blockchain an overview of the main things that reshaped the many industries in 2019, and paved the way for new achievements.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that has just evoked to gain traction among many people and itself is a very simple and easy concept and have a simple data structure, cryptocurrencies are complicated when compared to blockchain, the reason cryptocurrencies are complicated is the consensus algorithm, their mining mechanism and the everything that is around but Blockchain in itself is very easy to understand.

Developcoins delivers the blockchain services and custom blockchain development that power real-world business transformations. Create new business tools based on p2p decentralized networks that change your industry forever. Create your own blockchain network and run your business totally distributed and secure.

In this tutorial, I’ll be covering everything there is to know about the blockchain technology itself and how to create your own blockchain for your business or personal purposes? And many more things.

Table of the Content:

  • What is Blockchain?
  • How does it work?
  • Why Create Your Own Blockchain?
  • How to Create Blockchain from Scratch?
  • What are the best blockchain development tools?
  • Which Programming Language is best for Blockchain?
  • What is the Blockchain fork? 
  • How Does Blockchain add values to your specified platforms?
  • How to use Blockchain for your Startup or existing Platform?
  • What is the Blockchain Development Process?
  • How much does it cost to build a blockchain platform?

What is Blockchain & How does it Work?

As the name suggests, blockchain is a chain contains different blocks set together. Each block contains 3 pieces of information: 

  • Data
  • Hash
  • Previous block’s hash

Data – Based on the use, the data that is securely stored in a block depends on the type of blockchain. For example, in the Ethereum blockchain, the data stored in the info relating to the transaction: the amount of money transferred and the data of the two people involved in the transaction.

Remember that a blockchain is an immutable, consecutive chain of records called Blocks. They can contain transaction details, data files or any punch of data you like, really. But the important thing is that they’re chained together using hashes.

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