Tips to Maximize your Restaurant Sales this Christmas Season

Tips to Maximize your Restaurant Sales this Christmas Season

Christmas is here! And it's that time of the year where every restaurant owner in your area will be heading to the unique sales pitch to acquire customers and make profits. Many of them have already begun their restaurant promotions to increase sales. How are you going to market your restaurant this season? Have'nt decided yet? Don't worry we have curated a list of best restaurant marketing tips for you! 

Here are the best restaurant marketing ideas for Christmas:

1. Start by hosting an event

The best way to connect with more customers is by hosting an event at your restaurant on Christmas. It will not only help you to connect with the existing customers but will also help in attracting new customers. You can organize events like melodic night, parody, DJ to attract customers. Just organizing an event is not sufficient, you have to spread the word before the date, so the maximum number of customers come to know about your event.

2. Offer customer’s favorite food with discount

If you are into the restaurant business for a long time then you might know what is the liking of the customers. Knowing your customers like what are their tastes, regularly ordered food items, and how much they spend, will help you in setting up the discount offers. You can send them notifications about offers, deals and special discounts on your restaurant mobile app. Offer them something that would relieve their taste buds. Trust me it is the best way to attract customers and make them loyal to your brand. 

3. Social Media presence

In this social media world, sharing your restaurant photos or more importantly the food items photos is a must to create engagements on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Photographs can create the best influence on people. Update all your social media channels with Christmas themed covers. Give offers to the regular followers of your page on Christmas day. 

Developing a Christmas menu related posts is a great way to catch the eye of foodies. This is a very efficient and the most relatable way to reach out to your audience.

Another strategy is to post the pictures of the existing customers having delicious food, that will make good social proof appealing new customers to visit. A good hashtag related to your restaurant will make it simple to follow all your posts. Urge visitors to use your hashtags on all posts which will help to remember them your menu. Tagging regular customers and asking to repost is also a good strategy. This will surely increase your sales and you will make good profits.

4. Sending gift cards

Sending gift vouchers to your loyal customers is likewise a great technique to get them at your restaurant. Gifting a card will not only help in just wishing a 'Merry Christmas' but offering an interesting discount on that card will help you in converting them into your regular customers. Make it as impressive as possible. Make gift cards more unique as it can grab the attention of the customers easily. However, you will also have to look after the budget in designing these cards. If you have a handsome amount of money, considering no loss, then you are good to go with the gift cards.

5. Good decoration

During the Christmas season, attracting local customers should not be neglected. Attracting them will generate more sales for sure. As you are doing interior decoration for celebrating Christmas, you will also have to make it appealing from outside. You will have to get the attention of the passersby residing in that area. It will result in word of mouth advertising as they will spread the message with their friends and family. Target people in your local area to get some local customers rather than always focusing on far away customers.

Your regular customers may come up with their family or on a dinner date for a Christmas evening. Make your restaurant's theme to look like a Christmas party so that your customers can enjoy the christmas vibe.

6. Festive catering for a party

When a group of friends or a family wants to spend time together, most of the time they will fix a spot for a reunion at a restaurant. But when there are large groups, people usually book the entire place maybe for a birthday or some other event. Promote your restaurant likewise ahead of Christmas so they will choose you for their special celebrations.

Get your restaurant's records of past customers and send them a postcard. This won't just remind customers that they are important to you, it will also remind them of the catering services that you provide. You can contact them directly at their given address and present them with customized party solutions. Also, look after the competitors.

7. Customized Christmas menu

Most of the customers, majorly on Christmas and New year often think of visiting a restaurant for dinner. They will check the offers online and offline and here is your chance to get their attention. Creating a festive menu with offers and discounts will grab their attention. 

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Most restaurants have offers on cocktails, mocktails, desserts or some special dishes. Feature these exceptional items with customized menus. Also, there are customers who don't want to sit at your restaurant but they prefer a takeaway instead. Try nurturing them as well. But don't forget to analyze the competitor as they will also offer the same. 

8. Hosting charity programs

People are more interested in charity programs and organizing it under your restaurant name can be the best idea for engaging your customers. For most restaurants, this is best done by getting connected with a nearby charity. Helping the needy won't just help in spreading happiness, but it can help you to connect with the audience so later you can convert them into the customer.

You can think of starting a food drive for neighborhood charities. Offer a complimentary gift like a free dessert for customers who take part, to empower investment and motivation to come to your restaurant. Let your customers participate in this and post it on social media as it will create more engagement.

9. Contests

The online contest is also a way to create great sales. You can associate with the influencers in this industry so they will feature your restaurant in their social handles. Create a strategy of asking customers some questions related to food to build up the engagement and gift a voucher to the best answer. Also, those who have interacted with your promotional post, give them a small token of love.

These are some of the tips to maximize your restaurant sales during Christmas. Try these methods at least a week before to spread awareness. There are lots of sales techniques you can try but the above-mentioned are worthy and profitable. Wish you a Merry Christmas and reap great profits!

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