How to choose a good children's slide?

How to choose a good children

For all children, having a slide is a dream. For parents, however, buying a slide is a very difficult task. Even if the goal is to offer them fun, it is essential to check the safety measures as well as the adaptability for each age. The idea is to manage to choose a slide offering the maximum pleasure to your children while ensuring their safety and your serenity. Among the wide choice on the market, we can tell you that the LittleTom EPR-KS-104 stands out from the crowd thanks to its great stability which thus ensures safe use. It is also suitable for children from 3 years old, which makes it an indisputable play area. The Smoby XL 310261, meanwhile, is a good alternative to the first since it has a good length of glide and a ladder suitable even for toddlers.

You do not have to queue at the park for your child to play a slide. It is now available on the market at a price accessible to the public. However, how can you buy a better value children's slide? To give you an answer to this question, we will tell you choosing toddler slides tips and about the age of the little one, the material and the safety of use of this game which constitute the criteria of his choice.

The age of the little one

In order to properly use a slide, it must be adapted to the age of the child who will play it. It is partly a guarantee of the comfort that he can enjoy while playing it. In this buying guide for the best children's slides, we will give you some tips on models suitable for small children and those suitable for older children.

There are models intended for small children whose age is between 2 to 4 years. Generally, these models are simple and are well colored so that your child stays awake during the time he plays there. In addition, the height of these models does not exceed 1.8 m. These slides can be accompanied by a hut or a table.

These products can also be adapted for older children to entertain them. In this case, the baby's age should be between 4 and 10 years. Such models are characterized by their inclination which is more accentuated. The wave that accompanies this slide can be single or double. Some models offer a turn to make the game more interesting for a child of this age. If they are accompanied by a hut, it is placed high up.

The material

The material that constitutes this product is an important selection criterion, because it determines the life of the slide and the safety of your child when playing it. Taking this into account allows you to easily go to the question: where to buy a new slide with better value for money?

When it is wood that constitutes this product, it may easily deteriorate over time if it is exposed to variations in climatic conditions. Metal is a durable and resistant material over time, but a child can easily injure himself if he plays it. It is for this reason that the most used material is resistant plastic which is both secure and durable over time.

Safety in use

If the use of a slide is safe, you can let your child have fun without worry even if you are not near him. This is why this characteristic should be considered before a price comparison.

Initially, the use of this product is secure if it complies with the requirements of standard NF EN 1176-3. Then, you should check that the slide you are opting for is accompanied by a non-slip step to avoid your little one sliding easily into it, possibly leading to a fall that can hurt him. It is also preferable that you choose models that have bars at the top to optimize the safety of their use. The ideal is to choose your product only among these slides with great stability.

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