Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers

An essential sector of business management is employee productivity. Ensuring the satisfaction of your customers is an important element of running a business, but is second to maintaining a happy, healthy productive staff. If the staff is unhappy and unenthusiastic about their job they can deter patrons from frequenting the establishment or utilizing the services of the company. Lay the groundwork for a thriving business and high employee morale by implementing the following simple and practical methods to maintain staff productivity and a healthy work environment!


There are few feelings that rival the feeling of working diligently on a project or meeting an important deadline, and no one notices. Everyone loves to be recognized and noticed for their hard work and contributions. The act of acknowledging a job well done may seem elementary to most.Putting a gold star on a chart next to the name of the employee does not count as an acknowledgement. Acknowledging a department for keeping the sales numbers up is a step in the right direction. However, paying attention to and noticing individual performance is best. Praise hardworking employees out loud and encourage them to pursue higher levels of achievement.

Social Gatherings

Work related functions are a proven work to increase productivity. Having all of your employees together, away from the pressures of the office, is a sure way to get ideas flowing. Implementing the ideas of your staff will make them feel more involved in the day to day operations. If an employee feels invested in the company they are less likely to leave the company.

Stop Micromanaging

Superman and Superwoman are fictitious characters, no one can save the world and keep a healthy professional and personal life without delegation. Yes, you too can benefit from the beauty of delegation. Hand over a task into competent hands and allow them to complete the task without interference. Do not micromanage.

Competition Is Good

Competition in the workplace is not only motivating it can inspire employees. Completing the same tasks on a daily basis can get mundane. Prevent employee performance from stagnating or decreasing by adding competition to the mix.

Establish Clear Goals

A sure way to promote production is to have concise company goals. Clearly outline the objective for the company overall and do not forget to include short term goals as well. With a clear goal in sight, employees have an aim and a mission. For instance, Le-Vel Thrive, focuses on nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. What is the objective of your company? If you do not know, your employees will not know.

Take A Breather

Overworked and exhausted employees are bad for business. Ensure that your staff is taking or giving the option to take regularly scheduled breaks. After a short break away from the computer and a quick snack, employees will return feeling refreshed and renewed.

Reward Employees

It is possible to reward employees for doing a fantastic job without draining the company bank account. You can host a company raffle and give the winner a gift certificate for dinner and a movie, or you can offer additional sick days or days off. Your employees will appreciate the rewards and will tell others about them.

Don’t Play Favorites

If you have a favorite department or an employee that reminds you of yourself, resist the urge to play favorites. Treat all employees with fairness and handle disputes from an objective perspective. Keep all business relationships on a professional level, and resist the urge to incorporate your personal beliefs and or feelings. Do not be the boss when it is in your best interest to do so, be the boss even when it is uncomfortable to be in charge. Be fair.

Evaluate Everyone

It is essential to work as a team. One way to ensure cohesiveness is to implement employee evaluations. Allow employees to evaluate the performance of their co-workers and junior management, in addition to having their performance evaluated. By evaluating everyone it is easier to pinpoint problematic areas or policies.

Know Your Employees

Get to know your employees. Take the time to know more about them than their name. Striking a sidebar conversation could be informative and enlightening. You may discover your employees have additional skills or expertise that may be an asset to the company.

Offer Incentives

Does your company offer incentives for the staff? If not, consider starting an IRA ( Individual Retirement Account) and match employees contributions. If your company is publicly traded on the stock market offer company shares to employees at discounted rates or as a gift to employees that are employed with the company after the 5 or 10 year mark. Working for a company that workplace-11236.html">offers financial incentives is a way to manage employee retention.

The customer is always right. Everyone has heard the expression probably more times than they can count.Ensuring the satisfaction of your clientele is an important key to running a successful business, but is second to maintaining a productive staff. If the staff is miserable and unenthusiastic about their job they can deter prospective or regular clients from frequenting the establishment or using the services of the company. You do not want the dissatisfaction of the staff to spill over and affect the bottom line or day to day operations of the business. By taking the time to know your employees, offer incentives, encourage competition, acknowledge performance, avoiding favoritism, offering regular breaks, delegating responsibility, hosting social gatherings and clearly expressing goals and objectives, you will surely boost the morale of your employees. Happy employees, make customers happy and happy customers can not wait to tell their social media friends and family about the wonderful experience they had. Happy employees increase productivity!

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