Top Emerging Technologies in Energy Sector

Top Emerging Technologies in Energy Sector

This year green energy research centers have repeatedly stated that the technology consolidation period is ongoing and no innovative breakthrough is expected in the energy industry. The growing industries such as lithium-ion battery and offshore wind storage have gone from strong points to strong points. 

For the time being, more fresh technologies such as flow batteries and energy blockchains have been moderately silent this year. 

In some aspects, it’s not bad as a green energy research center claim. It suggests that a lot of low carbon grid technologies and maturing and achieving the scale required to contest with fossil fuel generation. Moreover, there is still too much room for innovation in the growing sector of alternative fuel solutions

In the coming years, battery manufacturing and development will enhance to meet the requirement of industrial, residential, and utility-scale operation according to green energy research centers. The reason is the battery market is consistently battling disruptions from restricted mineral stock. 

Similarly, an extreme innovation may be required to explain longer-term grid decarbonization trials, such as how to deal with the weather variations in the region with tall penetration of renewable. However, we have to keep an eye on the emerging technologies as entered in this decade. According to the green energy research center, there are five industries: 

Marine Solar

Sighting at the growing popularity of free solar displays on freshwater bodies. Whether this will go mainstream or not but it has the potential to shine out as green energy research centers have stated multiple times. 

Static compensators

While they are not gaining much attention until today, static compensators are a technology to sight as grids attempt to incorporate the growing amount of renewable energy. Their work is to mimic the action of revolving masses previously provided by thermal turbines. Hence, it calibrates consistent frequency through the electricity network. Renewable heavy grids may nonexistence this organic frequency response mechanism, needful compensator instead. 

Dynamic export cables 

How do you integrate a floating platform to a constant cable on the seabed? The answer is dynamic export cables that asides carry high voltage also transfer with the podium. 

Molten salt reactors

Giving nuclear energy technology was tense for numerous details. This was under debate that either nuclear technology is clean energy or not. Although it is facing problems in many regions and substitute small modular reactors and fusion remains savages far from commercialization. 

However, people in for says it’s an emerging technology, the molten salt reactor, and it can provide carbon-free electricity with fewer contamination risks than conventional nuclear. 

Green Hydrogen

Renewably produced hydrogen is swiftly growing energy to establish. Around 10 countries are working on it so far according to the green energy research center. Hypothetically speaking, this industry can swell to oil and gas, with less emission and a great number of electricity grids can be integrated into variable renewable energy. 

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