Why You Need Private Equity Certifications to Stay Ahead in the Job Curve

Why You Need Private Equity Certifications to Stay Ahead in the Job Curve

Prediction is difficult – particularly when it involves the future” says Mark Twain.

There is a lot of buzz about the private equity market or any other job market for that matter. However, when we’re talking of topics that include the finance sector, private equity is the topic that is most likely to top the list.

But do you know where this trendspotting and inferences will take us? Most likely earning a career in the finance field such as private equity might be a good career choice. We’re already amidst the era where it is the second-longest period of economic expansion. Perhaps as technology becomes more enabled the current state of private equity will become increasingly technology-driven and there will be ample opportunities for a certified private equity professional in the field.

Competition in the current job market has increased and is driving professionals from the private equity sector to find the best ways to stay current in the ongoing job market. To shape careers in the private equity firm, professionals from the finance field are upgrading their skillset through private equity certification.

Certifications have been proven significant for candidates looking to map out their career trajectory in this fast-growing economy.

There is no predefined career path toward private equity. However, let us see what are the prerequisites or expectations private equity firms expecting from their candidates – both at the entry-level as well as the senior level.

What do top private equity firms look for from a candidate?

Since these firms are smaller in size as compared to the investment banking firms, they have a well-defined job role for every individual. From a fresher to the managerial level. As freshers, you might probably be hired as an analyst or an associate prior to your experience and qualification.

Earning experience in an investment bank as an investment banker or a consultant for a couple of years could help you grab a job in a private equity firm.

Moreover, most of these firms tend to deal with different financial vectors, your skills must match their requirements. Besides education and experience, candidate must keep themselves aligned with the ongoing industry trends. Thus, a private equity certification is mandatory for all finance professionals aiming to get into private equity.

Talking of certifications, there is an end number of certifications the individual can choose from to advance in their career.

Beware, top employers are keen on hiring candidates having extensive knowledge regarding the ins and outs of the financial world. The recruiter or the employer would prefer a certified private equity professional rather than the candidates who are not certified. But you must be smart enough to choose the relevant certification program to get yourself upgraded. Several credible certification programs include names like Chartered Private Equity Professional (CPEP™) offered by USPEC (the United States Private Equity Council) or based on your skill set and preference you could also choose a certification program offered by Coursera.

It is crucial to differentiate yourself from the hypercompetitive job market to stay relevant.

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