7-Step Guide To Tiny House Kits in Australia

7-Step Guide To Tiny House Kits in Australia

The process of owning your Tiny House Kit in Australia is just a click away. One of the most straightforward Do-it-Yourself procedures that Tiny Blox Australia has ever built in terms of housing looks very promising, exciting and worth giving a try.


Seven small creative steps that you take today will ensure a dream space for you to fulfil your passions. Building your dome cannot get any easier than this. 


Here’s how you can go about building your tiny home in any area of Australia in the comfort of your budget.  


  1. Select your plan: First steps first, choose your home’s shell size. The sizes can vary according to the purpose of the space that you attain to build — the shack size measures to 5000 x 2000 and the crib size shell measures 4000 x 2500. The cube size living space measures about 3000 x 3333 and the peak size shell measures 3000 x 6000 whereas the batch and the retreat size shell measures 4000 x 4500 and 5000 x 3600, respectively. On the other hand, the ranch sized shell is of the dimensions 6000 x 3000 — an ideal fit for every need.

  1. Combine and Connect multiple designs: Why must you stick to a set plan? With the connect IQ plan, you can exercise your freedom to build according to your needs. An infinite number of possibilities are available for your use by connecting and combining different shell sizes to make your customized tiny home. You could even build your mansion. There’s nothing to stop you now!


  1. Choose the type of Cladding: Next comes the ability to choose your cladding system for the tiny space. You can choose to install multiple or singular layers of cladding, depending upon the insulation requirement of your house. 

  2. Now custom the cladding according to the terrain of the area of your residence in Australia. Apart from the option to layer on, you can also pick the type of cladding - timber or fibre cement cladding.Tiny Blox tiny homes also offer 4 excellent cladding finishing options such as; woodgrain finish, 300mm & 600mm profile smooth finish and 1200mm profile smooth finish. 


  1. Choose your roof & window colour: Tiny Blox presents you with the option to choose between 9 colours; namely - Classic Cream, Shale Grey, Surfmist, Dune, Basalt, and Woodland Grey. You can also opt for paperback, pale eucalypt and manor red as a colour for the houses’ roof, gutters and windows.

  2. Choose your flooring system: This next step involves choosing the apt flooring system of your preference. Tiny Blox small homes provide the flooring system inclusive of steel poles and footings designed to nail it down to the ground.There is no need to put on concrete, joists and bearers that is usually used to build flooring. You also have the option to opt-out of choosing a flooring system. 


  1. Get Add on Services: AT this point in building your tiny home, you get to pick add on optional services. If at this point, you’d like to install a small kitchen within your tiny home, go right ahead. Apart from the kitchen, you can also get the facility to add a shower or eco-toilet. If you choose to convert this hobby space of yours into a fully functioning independent home, add on these services.

  1. Extra Add on Services: Apart from the mentioned add on facilities, according to your personal need to avail the facility to add a hot water system or air conditioning, you may do so now. The choice to add these facilities on will most likely depend on the terrain you plan to build this house upon. 


Now, in these 7 step system, you can decide exactly how you choose to use this tiny home space for yourself. You are seven steps away from creating a small world for yourselves. Do it now! 

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