Top Reasons Why a Wine Tour is a Great Idea for Christmas Party

Top Reasons Why a Wine Tour is a Great Idea for Christmas Party

We need no convincing here Wine Compass that enjoy the delicious food and incredible wine should be a very festive year. However, with the silly season approaching, we want to make sure you do not make a stupid decision with your end of the celebration of the year.

Long Island wine tours are a great Christmas even better, and is ideal for groups of all sizes. So if enjoying the best local produce and fine wines are not enough to convince you, here is our list of the Top 5 reasons a Wine Tour Christmas party is a great idea.

1. Ideal for mixing
Oenology give your staff the opportunity to really know socially. We're all too busy during the working week to make time to get to know people outside of our team. A wine tour encourages staff to reach out to others throughout the day in a fun and social environment, rather than sitting at the same table every night with the same people.

2. Makes things interesting
Oenology keep you moving and keep things interesting. We spend our entire working day sitting in front of a screen, but a wine tour allows you to enjoy outdoors, enjoying the beautiful scenery and keeps your staff interested all day. There is always something exciting and fun happens.

3. Something for everyone
Not a big fan of wine? No problem! If your team members are not only in the wine, you can mix-day with different options, not just wineries. There are so many places to choose from, including a visit to the dairies, chocolate, cider mills, breweries and gin distilleries.

4. You still get a great lunch
Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula are home to a wide selection of some of the best restaurants in Victoria. From a casual sharing party, to a higher range Chefs Hat 3 course. Whatever your selection, you'll be treated to fresh local products and seasonal in the region. It is guaranteed to be something for all groups ... and amazing views of the house!

5. The journey home by bus
The return home is never a boring. Crank the air and show your singing talent, you can play DJ. Enjoy a desktop playlist or pass the phone or iPod around to get some classic played. The trip is really a pleasure ... do not let the boss that the phone too long.

Remember, a wine tour is not only ideal for the Christmas work, it is also a great way to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends, so why not ask about a wine tasting tours Long Island today.

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