Cold and Smartphones: How much do our phones get along with low temperatures?

Cold and Smartphones: How much do our phones get along with low temperatures?

How many of us have forgotten our smartphone in the sun on a hot summer day, maybe while we were enjoying a swim in the sea or a swim in the pool? Or worse yet, locked in a car with 40 degrees outside. On the return, the surprise is never pleasant. The phone completely abandoned to its destiny, wrapped in the sun's rays and with an unpleasant wording of overheating on the display that does not allow us to use it.

I am sure that in those moments many will have cursed the summer heat regretting the harmless winter cold.

But are we sure that the low temperatures benefit our smartphones?

Let's try to understand together, in view of the coming winter, what damages our appliances can suffer if exposed to frost for a long time and what remedies we can apply to prevent them from malfunctioning.

The major manufacturers (including Apple and Samsung) recommend using their devices in a precise thermal range: between 0 ° C and 35 ° C. In the event that the devices are switched off, the tolerance band widens further, almost doubling: from -15 ° C to 40 ° C.

The first problem (the least serious) that can be faced by using our smartphone at low temperatures is the of incorrect operation of the touch screen display.

The touch technology is based on the transmission of tiny electrical impulses from our fingers to the numerous microcircuits underneath the glass. These impulses are generated by our body only if it is sufficiently warm. Consequently, if our fingers are too cold these impulses are created with difficulty, and it is very complicated to make the best use of our phone.

To this drawback, the solutions are simple and affordable for everyone: from the gloves that allow you to comfortably type on the touch displays without being removed, to the mini-pens that allow you to write ensuring high accuracy.

Sometimes the damage can be far more serious than a simple typing problem. Like the heat, even the cold can seriously damage the lithium batteries mounted on smartphones. Prolonged exposure to very low temperatures compromises battery life first. It may, therefore, happen that the charge level drops dramatically in a very short time, or that the phone turns off suddenly even though it was not completely discharged.

Then take a look at the consequences on the resistance and integrity of the LCD screen. The liquid crystals of the display can, in fact, meet a sudden hardening due to the cold, with the possible appearance of cracks and breakage of the screen at the slightest bump. Therefore, limit the sudden movements, and take care not to drop your smartphone. The chances of the glass shattering into a thousand pieces are very high!

The low temperatures can also have negative repercussions on the telephone operation of the device: from the difficulty of recognizing the SIM card to the inability to make calls, send SMS or problems with data connections.

Finally, be careful not to subject your smartphone to sudden temperature changes. A sudden increase in heat could, in fact, favor the formation of condensation drops, a problem whose resolution would require the intervention of an official specialized assistance center.

How can we avoid encountering these unpleasant problems?

In addition to the already recommended use of touch screen gloves and mini-pens, it is recommended to keep your smartphone exposed as little as possible directly to frost. This means avoiding using it outdoors, keeping it preferably stored in a pocket: in this way the body heat will prevent the temperature of our device from dropping excessively. Obviously the use of integral covers is also recommended, able to constitute an additional protective layer for our phone.

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A further trick, recommended by the manufacturers themselves, is to keep their device switched off if you are exposed for a prolonged time at low temperatures (such as during a day of skiing or a walk in the mountains). Warning ultimately with smartphone restart: Once in a sheltered place, give him a brief time for warm-up and to avoid such damage to internal components.


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