Top Most Ayurvedic Companies in Dubai

When someone talks about Ancient Whole Body Healing System the only thing which comes in our mind is Ayurveda. Yes, it is true that this Medicine system is the most Ancient Healing System which was developed in India from more than 3,000 years ago. Ayurveda belief that Health proper health of body totally depends upon a perfect balance between Spirit, Body as well as Mind. The main aim of this Medicine System is to tell people that they can live a Healthy lifestyle with the help of Natural herbs. In today's Era, many individuals are diagnosed with various types of diseases.

As a result of this, Researchers have developed many Allopathic medicines for various ailments. But they have also found that Allopathic medicines cause different kinds of side effects after their interaction with other medicines. However, in order to prevent all these undesirable effects, Ayurvedic doctors took the initials and develop various kinds of remedies by combining the principles of Ayurveda along with Modern technology. This is the major reason why popularity of Ayurveda increased not only in India but in other nations also. Dubai which is a very famous tourist country in the world also have huge market of Ayurvedic Remedies.

When someone talks about Ancient Whole Body Healing System the only thing which comes in our mind is Ayurveda.

Top Ayurvedic companies in Dubai are Mentioned as Follows

Vitro Naturals:

Vitro Naturals Herbal Company is a Sub-Group of BAID group. BAID group is one of the most famous and eminent group of India which owns numerous businesses as well as companies. Vitro Naturals headquarters is located in Rajasthan. This group has successful track records in the fields of Ayurveda. Vitro Naturals Herbal Company was founded by Mr. J. K. Baid who is BE (Mech). Mr. J. K. Baid have travelled throughout the different cities of the world and also have 40 years of experience in the industry. This company appointed highly trained technicians as well as professionally qualified persons in their company. Their main goal is to provide natural and Organic remedies prepared from natural herbs and medicinal plants to the people across the world. This organization has many certifications such as SO, GMP, NOP & EOS, NPOP etc. Vitro Naturals company works in collaboration with Vitromed Healthcare for the manufacturing of Nutritional supplement products. This company is not only the leading company of Dubai but it also has a huge name in the herbal product market of Australia, Russia, UK, Canada, and the USA.


Dabur which is a famous company of India also have huge consumer base in Dubai also. Dabur is a multinational Ayurvedic and Herbal company which was founded in 1884 by S.K. Burman. The Headquarter of Dabur in Dubai fulfill the demand of Dabur remedies in Dubai and in its neighbouring country. Dabur Company have huge users of their very famous products such as Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Almond Hair Oil, Dabur Amla oil and so on.

Luqmani Herbs

Luqmani Herbs is a very famous online store for Original Ayurvedic as well as Herbal Products. This Company has made many efforts to enhance a person's online shopping experience in Dubai since 1996.This organization carries a wide variety of natural herbs as well as medicinal plants. Luqmani Herbs was originally established in the year 1900 to help people to live a Healthy and Natural Lifestyle with the help of Natural Solutions.

Luqmani Herbs launched its first online store in 2012 as to fulfill the demands of Ayurvedic medicines. The products of this company meets different types of the Quality Assurance Standards such as ISO standards, PCSIR standards and GMP quality standards. Every product manufactured by this company undergo various types of quality tests during their manufacturing process to check their potency as well as purity. According to the reports, Luqmani Herbs is the best online store of Dubai of Ayurvedic medicines who offers more than 200 products to their customers.

Hemani Herbal Group

Hemani Herbal Group was founded by Mr. Mustafa Hemani in the year 1949 with the aim of providing best quality Natural as well as Herbal products to its consumers. All the products of Hemani Herbal Group are certified by ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001. All of their products follow the quality Standards of Goods Manufacturing Practice. Hemani Herbal Group is the only company from Pakistan which receives the Halaal Certificate as well as Emirates Quality Mark from Emirates Authorities and International Authority. Their 800 plus products are available in more than 60 nations and all are approved by the Ministry of FDA, European Union and U.A.E. The Herbal Oils of Hemani Herbal Group are the most famous products of this company which is prepared from the Best, Pure and Natural herbs.

Planet Ayurveda

The Planet Ayurveda Company was founded by Dr. Vikram Chauhan in year 2002. Dr. Vikram Chauhan who is MD (Ayurveda) has an immense knowledge of different types of herbs and their effects on the body. Planet Ayurveda has become a very famous company in the recent years not only in India but also in Dubai. Due to the Effectiveness of their products, Planet Ayurveda is trusted by millions of people in the world. All the products have WHO-GMP Certification, ISO 9001: 2015 Certification, HALAL Certification and HACCP Certifications.

This organization is also approved by US-FDA. Planet Ayurveda prepare their products from Pure and Natural herbs and they do not contain any Sweetening agents, Chemicals, Additives, and Preservatives. The Planet Ayurveda is not a big company but a medium scale company which has big plans for the future. Their Herbal remedies for Ulcerative Colitis, Liver Cirrhosis and ITP are very famous across the world. Even the capsules are not made up from Gelatin. People like their capsules because they are filled completely with Pure and Standardized extract of herbs which is not seen in capsules of other companies. Planet Ayurveda products are available in all the Cities of India and they also export their products in more than 90 countries in the world including Singapore, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Patanjali Ayurved Limited

Patanjali Ayurved Limited was established by famous Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdev Ji and his disciple Balkrishna in 2006. Soon after its establishment Patanjali Ayurved Limited has become one of the fastest growing FMCG companies whose products have huge demand in Dubai. As a result of this Patanjali has opened so many herbal stores in Dubai. Their headquarters is located in Haridwar. The brand ambassador of Patanjali Ayurved Limited, Baba Ramdev Ji owns less than 2% share of the company. This company supplies different kinds of herbal products such as Eye drops, Shampoos, Capsules, Tablets, Toothpaste to Dubai. Almost 25% share in their annual turnover is contributed by Gulf countries.

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