How to Become Better With Open A Business

How to Become Better With Open A Business

Open a business

Is your dream of opening a business day one day? Every year many people take this path, but to be successful it is necessary to start by informing yourself and preparing as best as possible. In the following paragraphs we illustrate the essential steps to take to start a business.


Corporations are structured on the idea that control and ownership can be separate. Owners are called shareholders and they may or may not be involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.


The first steps to open a business

First of all it is essential that one complies with all the moral requirements provided for by law. This means that those who have previously declared bankruptcy cannot open a shop, who has been convicted of a non-culpable crime with a minimum sentence of three years and who is subject to restrictive rules, such as the prohibition or the obligation to stay, or even special surveillance.

Once you have verified that there are no similar limits to prevent you from opening a business, you can ask for the necessary authorizations.

If you want to manage a grocery or a bar you will need to have the SAB certificate or an equivalent qualification, necessary for those who sell food and drinks, while the HACCP course is mandatory for anyone coming into contact with food and drink.

Finally, remember that, especially at the beginning, a lot of effort, time and money are required. So it is good to get psychologically prepared.

Find the right place for your business

One of the very first things to do if you want to startup a business in USA with a physical store is to look for the right place. In this case it will be necessary to go to the municipality's technical office and find out about any requirements to be met or, for example, restrictions that apply to a specific area.

In fact the specific criteria for a commercial premises concern:

  • The right commercial destination;
  • Habitable and habitable premises;
  • Standard installations;
  • Possible evaluation of noise pollution, if you intend to put music and / or organize events;
  • Possible fire assessment, conducted by the fire brigade;
  • Compliance with safety and hygiene regulations that require authorization from the ASL.

In addition it may also be necessary:

  • Pay SIAE rights to spread music and videos;
  • Get permission to put up the sign;
  • Request permission for occupation of public land, if it is necessary, for example, to use the space in front of your shop;
  • If alcohol and spirits are sold, a request must be made to the Customs Agency.


Fulfill the bureaucratic process

Essential for the start-up of one's own commercial activity is the opening of the VAT number at the Revenue Agency, filling in the appropriate form and choosing the accounting regime to which one wishes to adhere. In fact, in the case of a sole proprietorship, it is also possible to opt for the flat rate scheme)), which presents some tax breaks and simplifications.

Subsequently a declaration of commencement of activity must be presented to the Municipality or to the Chamber of Commerce, filling out the SCIA form online (Certified Signing of Business Start). This model must also be presented in the event of modification, suspension, resumption and termination of the activity. Some subjects, however, are excluded from this obligation, such as small artisan laboratories that employ up to 3 employees; we therefore recommend that you always contact Corpseed for specific information on your situation.

Finally, within 30 days of starting the activity, it is necessary to register with the Business Register at the local Chamber of Commerce, which will also provide you with information on the appropriate forms.

Conclusion: checklist on how to start a business

Once you have found a place and have all the paperwork done, you can start your business in peace. Below we present the most important steps to take:

  • Determine what kind of business activity it is. In fact, if you want to do only self-employment as a freelancer, you will not need to ask for special authorizations and follow the entire bureaucratic process for opening a business. For example, professionals such as doctors, lawyers and translators do not have to register with the Business Register.
  • Make sure you have all the moral requirements and that you have no impediments to opening a business.
  • Choose the appropriate legal form for your business.
  • Carry out the relevant qualification courses in the event that a food store or a bar is opened.
  • Find the venue for your business.
  • Open the VAT number.
  • Open the INC or LLC and EIN positions
  • Complete the SCIA form.
  • Register with the Business Register.

Please observe the legal notice relating to this article.

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